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Albania: RTSH opens for submission of songs

The preperations for the 52nd edition of Festivali i Këngës, that has been used as the selection method for chosing the Albanian Eurovision entry since their debut in 2004, has begun, as national broadcaster RTSH has called out composers, lyricist and artists to send in their songs.

The song has to be delivered on either the the 8th or 9th October at the RTSH studios between 9 o’clock and 14.00. Both melody and lyrics have to be completely finished when the song is delivered. To enter, an artist must be over 16 years of age, and only one song can be submitted per artsist.

Later in October a jury will chose the songs that will participate in Festivali i Këngës, and get the chance to represent Albania at the Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen.

You can watch the promo for the 52nd edition of Festivali i Këngës below.

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