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A first impression of what the Eurovision Village 2020 in Rotterdam will look like!

What will the Eurovision Village 2020 look like?

Hereby we give you an impression of what the Eurovision Village 2020 will look like. The Eurovision Village is the fan zone of the Eurovision Song Contest, and now the first impressions of this special village have been released. From May 8th until the Grand Final on May 16th, there will be an 18 meters high video tower in front of Rotterdam’s famous Market Hall, in front of it there will be a terrace especially for fans of the music festival, where they can have special drinks all day long. Underneath the tower there will be a stage.

ESCplus - Eurovision Village 2020 1
Source: Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

What kind of performances can you expect in the Eurovision Village in Rotterdam?

You can expect multiple performances when the program of the Eurovision Village 2020 starts on May 8th 2020, e.g. a special Eurovision Edition of “Rotterdam Zingt” (translated: “Rotterdam Sings”). The weekly market will be scattered all over the city, just so none Eurovision fans, and fans alike, can enjoy the market, Eurovision Song Contest or not.

“It is great to see how many people from Rotterdam have come up with great ideas. Rotterdam has surprised me. Because of all the plans, and initiatives, everybody can join the Eurovision spirit, and by doing so, we can all say afterwards that the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has been everybody’s party.” – by Director Rotterdam Festivals, Johan Moerman

Source: Algemeen Dagblad (AD)
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Source: Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

What else will be organized in the Eurovision Village?

There will be other events in the Eurovision Village as well, like talent shows, which are being organized all over the city of Rotterdam. There will even be a special Song Contest for the homeless. In this regard, everybody gets included when the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 starts in Rotterdam.

Are there also going to be block parties?

Yes, there will also be block parties in the city of Rotterdam during the Eurovision Song contest 2020 period. In the south part of Rotterdam twenty organizations are forming a program full of events, among other events, there will be a talent show for children, but there will also be specific block parties, for example in the African district of the city. Rotterdam’s schools get workshops in how to write and perform a great Eurovision Contest song.

ESCplus - Eurovision Village 2020 3
Source: Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

How many Eurovision-specific events can we expect?

In total you can expect 260 events during the Eurovision period in Rotterdam, because 260 plans have been handed in by several organizations from Rotterdam, and surrounding municipalities.

Source:  Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

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