Young Dancers: This evening at 20:00 CET, live from Gdansk (Poland)!

Before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest be held in Kiev (Ukraine), another Eurovision contest will take place this evening.


As we announced some days ago, this evening since 20:00 CET, 10 countries will compete to win the dance contest of the Eurovision family: the Eurovision Young Dancers.

In this article, we explain to you how this contest will work and what will the contestants do.

  • Each contestant will perform a solo dance, maximum of a minute and thirty seconds.
  • The contestants of the first five dances will take part in a group dance after the fifth performance, lasting three minutes and thirty seconds.
  • Performers in positions six to ten will then perform their individual dances, followed by their own group dance.
  • The jury is made up of three dance professionals, representing the three main elements: classic ballet, hip hop, and contemporary dance.
  • During each performance, the jury will be asked to consider: the faithfulness of the choreography; the quality of the dance performance and artistic expression; and the flexibility of the dancer to adapt to new styles of dance.
  • After all ten individual dances and the two group performances, the jury will choose two participants to advance to the final duel.
  • The duel dance lasts for a minute and thirty seconds, with equal time given to each participant during a ‘dance off’.
  • Each juror will then be asked to name his/her favourite. The dancer who receives at least two nominations will be declared the winner.

The running order and information about the contestants can be found below:



  • Dancer: Vahagn Margaryan
  • Dance: Blaind Alley
  • Choreographer: Arsen Mehrabyan
  • Music: “Blind Alley” – Otto Bubenicek



  • Dancer: Yana Shtangey
  • Dance: Esmeralda Variation
  • Choreographer: Marius Petipa
  • Music: “Esmeralda” – Cesare Pugni


The Netherlands

  • Dancer: Sedrig Verwoert
  • Dance: The 5th Element
  • Choreographer: Marco Gerris / Sedrig Verwoert
  • Music: “The elements” – Rik Ronner




  • Dancer: Stephanie Liekola Isla
  • Dance: Entrapped
  • Choreographer: Mauro Rojas
  • Music: “Another place” – Mischa Daniels




  • Dancer: Nikita Vasylenko
  • Dance: The Legend of Spartacus
  • Choreographer: Tetyana Denysova
  • Music: “Unstoppable” – E.S. Posthumus


Czech Republic


  • Dancer: Adéla Abdul Khalegová
  • Dance: Love Under Pressure
  • Choreographer: Adéla Abdul Khalegová
  • Music: “Paradise Circus” – Massive Attack




  • Dancer: Kristóf Szabó
  • Dance: My Life and Love Might Still Go On In Your Heart
  • Choreographer: Katarzyna Kubalska
  • Music: “Wherever you will go” – Charlene Soraia / The Calling




  • Dancer: Julie Schartum Dokken
  • Dance: Moment
  • Choreographer: Julie Schartum Dokken
  • Music: “Unutmamali” – Taksim Trio




  • Dancer: Patricija Crnkovič
  • Dance: Passion
  • Choreographer: Dimitrij Popovski
  • Music: “Passacaglia for cello and violin” – G.F. Händel – arr. Johan Halvorsen / Wells Cunningham



  • Dancer: Felix Berning
  • Dance: Home
  • Choreographer: Felix Landerer / Felix Berning
  • Music: “To build a home” – The Cinematic Orchestra (Jason Swinscoe)


The group dances and the final duel will be choreographed by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt. In addition, the music will be by Mark Adair.

After the jury’s voting, the winner of the Contest will receive a trophy designed in Poland and made by Glass Custom, a company based in Wrocław (Poland), in high quality glass.

The trophy is a 280mm tall rectangular statuette with the Eurovision Young Dancers logo cut inside using a 3D technique.


You have plans for this evening at 20:00 CET: the Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 live from Gdansk (Poland).

A streaming to watch the show live will be available here. Comments in English will be made by our friend Luke Fisher (ESCXtra) and Grigor Bazdar.

Enjoy the show and may the best dancer win!




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