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Who is Brunette? Meet Armenia’s Eurovision 2023 representative

Armenia wants to return to the path of good results with Brunette. The artist becomes the successor of Rosa Linn who, despite obtaining a twentieth place in the 2022 final, enjoys worldwide impact thanks to her song “Snap”. In this case, Brunette brings “Future Lover”, a song that mixes pop and rap, among modern and traditional sounds.

Learn more about Brunette (Eurovision 2023 Armenia)

Elen Yeremyan is the real name of the artist Brunette, who was born in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, on May 4, 2001. At just four years old, she began to awaken her passion for music, and by the age of fifteen, she was already composing her own songs. At the age of 18, she began to pursue her musical career professionally thanks to her first song, “Love The Way You Feel”, a collaboration with the Nvak Foundation. In 2022, she released “Gisher”, “Smoke Break”, and “Bac kapuyt achqerd”, the latter of which has nearly 6 million views on YouTube.

Brunette also belongs to a cover band called Project 12, which is made up of different young Armenians to improve the learning of young musicians and promote their opportunities in the industry. In addition, she collaborates with other non-profit organizations.

Now she arrives at the Eurovision festival with “Future Lover”, her entry for the competition. In it, the artist expresses her personality and essence through pop, R&B, and rap. Composed and produced by herself, like the rest of her songs, she aims to capture the audience and achieve a great place in the contest.

Lyrics of «Future Lover»

Original lyrics

I just wanna make art, read books and just find someone
Who likes me enough to kiss my face
I wanna explore with him and visit old bookstores
And cute little things, like drink smoothies at near cafés

Drink smoothies at near cafés

Oh, future lover
I hope it all comes naturally
I hope our love is quiet outside, but loud inside, oh baby
Oh, future lover
This song I wrote for you
This song I wrote for you, my future lover

I decide to be good, do good, look good
I decide to be good, do good, look good
I decide to be good, do good, look good
I decide to be good, do good, look good

It’s like a daydream, but I got some other, better plans
I wanna scream and shout, my heart caught in chains
Cold heart, cold hands, fire in my veins
Fire in my veins, heart in chains

I’m a volcano that is going to explode in a sec
I’m so hypnotized by someone that I’ve never ever met
Don’t wanna forget, am I dreaming yet?
Poetic dream, I don’t want it to end, oh

Three minutes of making impossible plans
Seven minutes of unnecessary panic attacks
Here I go with the coldest hands
Here I go with still no plans, oh, still no plans

I can’t cool off, no I can’t relax
Lord, what I’m gonna do, my pain just attacks
I still have the coldest hands
Oh my lord, my lord, my pain, my panic attacks, oh

I decide to be good, do good, look good
I decide to be good, do good, look good
I decide to be good, do good, look good
I decide to be good, do good, look good

isk du indznits’ herru yes
du herru yes, herru yes
yerazum yes u du lurr eink’
menk’ t’ap’arrum yenk’ herru-herru

Armenia at Eurovision

The Caucasian country made its debut in Eurovision in 2006 with the song “Without Your Love” by André, achieving an eighth place. Since then, it has participated in fifteen editions with two absences, the first in 2012 because that year the festival was held in Baku and both countries have a tense relationship. Subsequently, it was also not present at the 2021 edition because its country was recovering from a war against its neighbor Azerbaijan.

Among all its participations, it has seven top 10 finishes and three eliminations in semifinals (2011, 2018, and 2019). Its two best positions have been two fourth places, the first with Sirusho in 2008 with “Qélé Qélé”, one of the favorites of the edition. Several years later, Aram MP3 achieved it again in the Copenhagen edition with “Not Alone.”

In its latest participation with Rosa Linn and the song “Snap”, Armenia achieved a twentieth place in the final with 61 points. Despite not being a great result, the song became a huge success thanks to TikTok , being currently the second most listened-to song in the contest history with almost 600 million views. This is an incredible feat that has made her travel several times to the United States to promote her music and will soon take her on tour with Ed Sheeran.

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