Watch Eurovision 2018 stage in action!

The first video of the 2018 stage has just been published as the technical rehearsals have started at the Altice Arena. Florian Wieder designed the stage inspired by the Portuguese marine culture. There are no LED screens this year, so the lighting will be a very important part of the performances.

Check how it looks in action below:

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Geplaatst door Sesi Nando op maandag 23 april 2018



Florian Wieder has already designed some of the most recent Eurovision stages, Dusseldörf 2011, Baku 2012, Vienna 2015 and Kyiv 2016.

“The rich history of the Portuguese as a maritime nation reflects, without any boundaries, all of the values that make the Eurovision Song Contest unique today. Portugal and especially Lisbon are historic melting pots enriched by the impressions of newly discovered cultures that were brought back to the home port. This is mainly due to the Portuguese sailor men, who traveled the seas with courage and outstanding skills of navigation,” he said.

“The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will take you on an expedition through many different cultures in Europe and around the world. A journey through the high seas of music that pursues to discover, connect and ultimately unite the nations. Portugal stands for bringing together countries and their cultures. In 2018 Portugal will unite the music of Europe. With this Eurovision Song Contest stage, Portugal will be the navigator and compass again,” added Florian.

Inspired by the Portuguese culture and history

The designer was inspired by a range of elements linked to the culture and history of the country:

  • Navigation:  The armillary sphere of the Portuguese flag is the key element of the concept.
  • The sea: The design shows us some waves in its organic shape.
  • The ships: The structure of the stage is inspired by them as a very important element of the Portuguese history.
  • The maps: The radial lines of a map come together in one place, the stage of Eurovision.

“The conceptual requirements aimed to breathe a Portuguese identity, to be elegant, modern and, at the same time, unique and distinctive,” said Paulo Resende, Deputy Executive Producer of Eurovision 2018. “To ensure the difference from previous editions this stage should represent a strong statement by itself. The result was an outstanding masterpiece designed by Florian Wieder that entirely meets the concept and editorial narrative for this project.”

Paulo Resende explained: “It reflects a Portuguese identity in a very elegant and distinctive way, addresses a certain modernity respecting the Portuguese legacy and, moreover, the created visual ambiance underlines a consistent difference. This will be the right staging for all the performers to express their songs and artistic moments and, certainly, no one shall remain unresponsive and indifferent.”

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest added; “As with the logos and slogan for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, the stage design draws from the inspiration of Portugal’s history and of the Ocean very well. It will create a very distinctive look and feel for this year’s performers, and we look forward to seeing this intricate and modern set up in action next May.”

The 63rd edition of Europe’s favourite TV show will take place on May 8th, 10th and 12th of May in Lisbon, Portugal. The Lusitanian country will host the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever following Salvador Sobral‘s victory in Kyiv. Altice Arena, located in the host area of Expo ’98, will be the venue of the competition.

What do you think about the stage for Eurovision 2018? Let us know in comments!

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