Unveiling the complete Eurovision 2023 rankings: Key to understanding both the final and semi-final results

The 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 has come to an end. Between 9 and 13 May, Liverpool hosted the semi-finals and the Grand Final of the European contest.

As usual, once the contest is over, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has published the complete and detailed voting results on its official website. In this way, the organisation gives us all the details of the voting process along with the complete breakdown of each of the rankings of the national juries and the televote.

In this edition, the voting of non-participating countries has been the main novelty, the result of which has been included in the televote count.

how have the changes in the voting system influenced the final result? Has the greater weight in the televote prevented certain proposals from reaching the Grand Final? Has the vote of the rest of the world followed the same voting patterns as in the participating countries?

We take a look at the results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 voting.


On Tuesday 9 May, 15 entries competed to make it to the Grand Final. The televote decided which countries made it through. Finland was the most voted entry with 177 points.

Latvia , on the other hand, was the country that came closest to making it to the Grand Final, just 3 points behind the 10th place finisher.


The last of the heats took place on Thursday 11 May. The remaining 16 entries took to the stage to try to get the support of the audience. On this occasion, Australia was the country with the most votes, with 149 points. Iceland was 30 points short of qualifying for the Grand Final.

In addition, San Marino and Romania did not score any points, being the only two countries not voted for in this edition.


In the Grand Final, the result was in the hands of the national juries and the televote. With the inclusion of the vote from the rest of the world, the weight of the viewers’ points was slightly higher. This has meant that the weight of the public vote in the Grand Final has been approximately 50.60%, compared to 50/50 in previous editions.

On the jury’s side, a total of 2,146 points were distributed, compared to 2,204 points from the televote. This is due to the fact that the votes received on the web platform from all over the world have been included as if it were another country.


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