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United Kingdom 2023: There are 4 acts still in the running

Rumour has it that there are still 4 acts in the running to represent one of this year’s organizing countries, the United Kingdom.

Newspaper “The Mirror”

Newspaper The Mirror reported today that the team that selects the 2023 entry of the United Kingdom is down to just 4 candidates who can possibly represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. Supposedly there are also some well-known artists in the race.

The selection process of the UK

The BBC has teamed up with TaP Music to kick-start the selection process of the UK. Frontrunners of the selection process are Ben Mawson (Artist and Music Manager) and Ed Millett (Founder and Co-owner of TaP). Newspaper The Mirror has interviewed Mawson and Millett regarding the selection process of the UK when it comes down to the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023.

Millett has suggested that the past couple of years the UK has sent men to the contest, so maybe now it is time to send a female singer.

Mawson said that the selection process is down to 4 acts, some of them quite new, others established artists. Mawson also mentioned that the UK’s next entrant might not even be British…

It might also be possible that the next British entrant is a mix of Ukraine and the United Kingdom, which would be a great fit, since both countries organize the contest. Mawson met Ukrainian President Zelensky while in Kyiv; Mawson was in Ukraine at the time to accompany singer Ellie Golding, who is managed by Mawson; Ellie Golding performed during the President’s wife summit. Since the meeting between Mawson and Zelensky there have been meetings with the national broadcaster of Ukraine, UA:PBC, to hopefully create a great collaboration when it comes down to the entrant of the United Kingdom in the contest of 2023.

Eurovision 2022

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 in Turin (Italy) Sam Ryder took part for the United Kingdom; Sam ended in 2nd place in the Grand Final. The UK is one of the Big Five countries, so the Brits do not have to compete in the Semi-finals.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Sam Ryder – Space Man (2022)

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