Ukraine: Running order drawn for 2017 national selection

Today, Eurovision 2017 host nation, Ukraine, revealed the running order for this year’s national selection. Just a few moments ago, musical producer Konstantin Meladze alongside the national selection team held a draw to determine the order of the semifinalists in the competition. The allocation for the semi-finals was decided by the shows producers, whilst the order of the singers in each semi final was drawn randomly.

The first show for February 4 will run as follows:

  1. SKAY
  2. Roman Veremeychik & Lumiere
  3. Monochromea
  4. Laliko
  5. Salto Nazad
  6. MamaRika
  7. Tayanna
  8. Arsen Mirzoyan

The February 11 program will be in this order:

  1. Letay
  2. Mila Nytych
  3. Kuznetsov
  4. Aghiazma
  5. Detach
  6. Rozhden
  7. Panivalkova
  8. Illaria

The last semi final on February 18 will feature:

  1. Payushchie Trusy
  2. O.Torvald
  3. Anastasia Prudius
  4. Vitaly Kozlovsky
  5. Kadnay
  6. Melovin
  7. Green Grey
  8. Vivienne Mort

Public and the expert panel, made up by Jamala, Konstantin Meladze and Andriy Danilko (Verka Serduchka), will select who will play with the home court advantage in Eurovision 2017. The final show of the national selection will take place on the 25 of February.

In recent years, the performer that gets the cushy job of performing for a home crowd hasn’t seen much of a benefit from it. The Makemakes notoriously earned ‘nul points’ in 2015 for Austria, but Frans placed top 5 for Sweden last year.

Do you see a potential winner for the Ukraine here? Let us know! Will they shine on their own, or will they get lost in the shadow cast by 2016’s Ukranian winner Jamala?

About Derrick Schiff (USA)

Derrick Schiff (USA)

One of those rare creatures, the American Eurovision fans, I found the Eurovision pool and dived in head first. More knowledgeable about the current years, I’m excited to watch as Eurovision evolves into the credible launching platform for the finest pop acts in Europe and the World.

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