Tonight: Vidbir 2020 debuts live from Ukraine

Tonight UA:PBC will embark on its search to find the Ukranian representative in Tel Aviv.  As in previous editions, Vidbir 2020 will be made up of three shows. The panel of judges for this season will be:

  • Andriy Danylko (Verka Serduchka) – comedian, drag artist and singer, Eurovision representative for Ukraine 2007 (2nd)
  • Tina Karol – singer, actress and TV presenter, Eurovision representative Ukraine 2006 (7th)
  • Vitalii Drozdov – Director-general of Hit FM radio.

The schedule of events is as follows:

  • 8 February 2020: Semi-final 1
  • 15 February 2020: Semi-final 2
  • 22 February 2020: Final

Three acts will go through to the final after a 50/50 combination of the votes from the three-person jury panel and the public.

The running order is:

  1. [О] “Tam, kudy ya ydu”
  2. Jerry Heil “Vegan”
  3. Katya Chilly “Pich”
  4. Krutь “99”
  5. Go-A “Solovey”
  6. Cloudless “Drown Me Down”
  7. Gio “Feeling So Lost”
  8. Assol “Save It”

Next week we will hear from the following artists:

  1. Moonzoo feat. F.M.F. Sure – “Maze”
  2. Fo Sho – “Blck Sqr”
  3. Elina Ivashchenko – “Get Up”
  4. Oleksandr Poriadynskyi – “Savior”
  5. Garna – “Who We Are?”
  6. Khayat – “Call for Love”
  7. David Axelrod – “Horizon”
  8. Tvorchi – “Bonfire”

You can watch the first semi-final by tuning in at 18:00 CET and view in our Multi-Window live feed.

Vidbir 2020 - Semi-Final 1

Go-A – Соловей146
[O] – Там, Куди Я Йду117
Jerry Heil – Vegan116
Cloudless – Drow Me Down116
Krutb – 99115
Assol – Save It101
Gio – Feeling So Lost95
Katya Chilly – Піч74

Number of voters: 16
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