Tonight: Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place today live from Lisbon, Portugal. Twenty-six countries will compete at today’s show willing to get the Crystal Microphone

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be aired from Lisbon’s Altice Arena where approximately 20.000 spectators will be able to witness the show live. After two exciting semi-finals and despite quite surprising facts which did not accomplish the predictions prior to these past few days, the list of finalists is as it follows:

Country Performer Song
 01 Ukraine MELOVIN “Under The Ladder”
02 Spain Amaia & Alfred “Tu Canción”
 03 Slovenia Lea Sirk “Hvala, ne!”
 04 Lithuania Ieva Zasimauskaitė “When We’re Old”
 05 Austria Cesár Sampson “Nobody But You”
 06 Estonia Elina Nechayeva “La Forza”
07 Norway Alexander Rybak “That’s How You Write A Song”
08 Portugal Cláudia Pascoal “O Jardim”
09 United Kingdom SuRie “Storm”
10 Serbia Sanja Ilić & Balkanika “Nova Deca”
11 Germany Michael Schulte “You Let Me Walk Alone”
 12 Albania Eugent Bushpepa “Mall”
13 France Madame Monsieur “Mercy”
 14 Czech Republic Mikolas Josef “Lie To Me”
 15 Denmark Rasmussen “Higher Ground”
 16 Australia Jessica Mauboy “We Got Love”
 17 Finland Saara Aalto “Monsters”
 18 Bulgaria EQUINOX “Bones”
 19 Moldova DoReDoS “My Lucky Day”
 20 Sweden Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off”
21 Hungary AWS “Viszlát Nyár”
 22 Israel Netta “TOY”
 23 The Netherlands Waylon “Outlaw In ‘Em”
 24 Ireland Ryan O’Shaughnessy “Together”
 25 Cyprus Eleni Foureira “Fuego”
26 Italy Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”


How will the winner be chosen?

Viewers from all the countries taking part in Eurovision 2018 are invited to vote via the official app, telephone and/or SMS. The voting window will open after the last song has been performed and will close around 15 minutes later. Televoters will determine 50% of the outcome while the professional juries will decide the other half of the overall results after watching the performances of yesterday’s Jury Semi-Final show.

The Show

The Grand Final of Eurovision 2018 will be hosted by Filomena Cautela, Sílvia Alberto, Daniela Ruah and Catarina Furtado.

Today’s show will feature ‘fado’ and musical tradition of Portugal. Ana Moura and Mariza, two of the greatest performers in modern fado will join on stage for the very first time during the opening act. The winner of the last year’s Eurovision Song Contest Salvador Sobral will also perform on stage along with the Brazilian composer Caetano Veloso.

The musical background during the flag parade will be provided by world champion scratch artists Beatbombers while DJ Branko will create an electronic journey of music around the world.

Who do you want to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Vote in our poll!

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 - Final

Cyprus: Eleni Foureira - Fuego 2096
Israel: Netta Berzilai - Toy 1610
France: Madame Monsieur - Mercy 1455
Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef - Lie To Me 1045
Finland: Saara Aalto - Monsters 1035
Estonia: Elina Nechayeva - La Forza 1016
Spain: Alfred & Amaia - Tu Canción 850
Denmark: Rasmussen - Higher Ground 842
Ireland: Ryan O´Shaughnessy - Together 831
Italy: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro - Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente 828
Lithuania: Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We´re Old 804
Germany: Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone 757
Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off 728
Norway: Alexander Rybak - That´s How You Write A Song 665
Moldova: DoReDos - My Lucky Day 649
Austria: Cesár Sampson - Nobody But You 630
Portugal: Cláudia Pascoal - O Jardim 567
Ukraine: MELOVIN - Under The Ladder 541
Albania: Eugent Bushpepa - Mall 541
United Kingdom: SuRie - Storm 445
The Netherlands: Waylon - Outlaw In´Em 437
Hungary: AWS - Viszlát Nyár 397
Slovenia: Lea Sirk - Hvala, ne 386
Bulgaria: Equinox - Bones 275
Australia: Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love 270
Serbia: Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - Nova Deca 252

Number of voters: 327
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