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The duet Melissa & Ranya will represent Italy at Junior Eurovision 2023

The young duet is preparing hard for the country's second Junior Eurovision victory or at least to improve on Chanel Dilecta's 11th place in Yerevan.

RAI, once again, has opted to hold an internal election to select its representative for the next Junior Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on 26 November. On this occasion, they have chosen the young duet composed of Melissa Agliottone, who, at the tender age of 12, will become Italy’s flag bearer alongside Rayna Moufidi, who is also the same age.

The road to this prestigious opportunity began when Melissa was crowned the winner of the Italian edition of The Voice Kids. During a memorable interview on the show “Da noi…a ruota libera”, Melissa revealed to the host her deep longing to participate in Junior Eurovision. This ambition materialised after a captivating performance in which she sang a song by Gigliola Cinquetti, an iconic figure of Italian music, who even shared the stage with the young hopeful.

Rayna also participated in The Voice Kids, where she was a finalist. In the competition, during the blind auditions, she captivated the four judges with her rendition of Adele’s “Easy on me” and Ranya decided to stay on Clementino’s (an Italian rapper) team.

After her performance of Adele, Ranya got emotional and Loredana Bertè, a well-known Italian actress and singer who was part of the jury, said about it:

“These are artist’s tears, because you are a true artist”

Loredana Bertè

This is Melissa

Melissa Agliottone, a native of Civitanova Marche, lives with her family in Sant’Elpidio a Mare. Her musical talent is not limited to singing; she also excels at instruments such as drums and piano. After winning The Voice Kids, she signed her first record deal with Universal Music Italia, further consolidating her promising musical career.

Participating in Junior Eurovision is a monumental achievement for Melissa, as it allows her to fulfil one of her most cherished dreams. However, her ambition does not end here, as she also aspires to participate in the prestigious Italian song festival, Sanremo.

During her outstanding participation in The Voice Kids, Melissa Agliottone captivated the audience with memorable renditions of songs such as “Fallin” by Alicia Keys and “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, with which she also achieved her victory. It should be noted that she was part of the team of Loredana Bertè, a renowned Italian actress and singer, who dedicated some emotional words to her during her participation in the well-known children’s talent show:

“Music is your element, and you belong to music: you will become a great artist. You are a bomb”

Loredana Berté

Ranya’s career

Ranya Moufidi is a young woman of Moroccan origin who first saw the light of day in Ciserano, a picturesque town in the province of Bergamo, Italy. Despite her young age, Ranya is a talented polyglot who has demonstrated an exceptional gift for languages. In her linguistic arsenal, she has an impressive command of five different languages, which brings out her great intellectual capacity and dedication to learning.

Inaddition to her native Italian, Ranya has honed her skills in Arabic, Spanish, French and English. This linguistic diversity has not only allowed her to connect with a wide range of audiences, but has also broadened her cultural horizons, giving her the opportunity to explore and understand different perspectives and traditions in an increasingly globalised world.

Not surprisingly, Ranya inherited her love of music from her father, who is an accomplished musician and passionate about his art. Ranya’s father is not only a musical instrument dealer, but also a well-known performer. In their home, music is more than a passion; it is a way of life. Ranya has grown up in this musical environment, which has profoundly influenced her own musical interest and talent.

This year’s Italian song

The song with which Melissa and Ranya will represent Italy will be presented in the coming days. The artistic director of the song is the well-known singer-songwriter Franco Fasano, who has extensive experience in producing songs for children and teenagers. Fasano has demonstrated throughout his career an unwavering commitment to creating music that connects with young audiences in a unique and captivating way . His ability to combine catchy melodies with deep and emotional lyrics has made him a benchmark in music aimed at children and teenagers in Italy.

In addition to his experience in music production, Fasano has also excelled as a performer, which has given him a deep understanding of the needs and desires of young audiences. His focus on music as a tool to educate, inspire and entertain new generations has been a constant in his work, composing songs for renowned artists such as Mina, Drupi, Iva Zanicchi, Anna Oxa, Fausto Leali, Peppino di Capri and Nicola Arigliano, among others. He also recorded several albums and participated as a singer in several editions of Sanremo.

Italy at Junior Eurovision

Italy made its debut in Junior Eurovision in 2014, in the edition held in Marsa (Malta) after the victory the previous year of Gaia Cauchi and her song “The start“.

But their participation in the contest goes back even further. Back in 2011, the EBU negotiated Italy’s participation in the junior competition with RAI, after its return to the senior edition in the same year, but could not confirm its participation due to lack of time.

Finally, in 2014, the Italian country made its debut, being the first “Big Five” country – in senior Eurovision – to return to the junior contest since 2006.

And the truth is that their debut could not have been better. The first Italian representative in the junior contest was the young Vincenzo Cantiello who sang the song “Tu primo grande amore“. Vincenzo, at the end of the night, gave Italy the victory in Junior Eurovision with 159 points. Italy’s debut at the festival was a great success.

Since then, Italy has regularly participated in the contest, maintaining good results – in fact, only in 2 editions has it fallen out of the top 10: in the 2015 edition in Sofia (Bulgaria), with the duo formed by the young singers Chiara and Martina and the song “Viva“, finishing in 16th position; and in 2017 in Tbilisi (Georgia) with the young Maria Iside Fiore and the song “Scelgo (My Choice)“, finishing in 11th position -.

In the 2016 edition, held in Valletta (Malta), Fiamma Boccia and her song “Cara mamma” placed Italy in 3rd position; this was the best result achieved by Italy since its debut.

In 2021, the young Italian singer Elisabetta Lizza and her song “Specchio (Mirror on the Wall)” put Italy in the top ten – tenth place – with 107 points, putting her country in a great position again. Last year, Chanel Dilecta and her popular “Bla Bla Bla Bla” fell just a few points short of the top ten, finishing 11th with 95 points, including 12 points from the Albanian and Georgian juries.

Junior Eurovision

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