The Best Of JESC – The winner is…

The last stage of “The Best Of JESC” is now closed! It´s time to announce the winner!

20 qualifiers from two previous semi-finals have competed in the Grand Final:

The winner of The Best of JESC 2014 is Russia! Ekaterina Ryabova with the song “Malenkiy Prints” has got the gold medal!

Russia has won the competition while Belgium with Laura and the song “Zo verfield” has come second. The Netherlands has got the third place with Rachel and her song “Teenager“.

ABOUT THE GAME along with JESCipedia, the junioreurosong. net forum and the Junior Eurovision group on  launched “The Best of JESC” some weeks ago to choose the best song in the Junior Eurovision history as well as the best song each country has ever sent to the contest!

This is how it worked:

  • Songs to compete in 2014 haven’t been included.
  • Different post devoted to each participating country have been published including the history of each country at Junior Eurovision as well as a link to the poll where you have been able to vote for your favourite songs on ESC+Plus You
  • Each country’s polls has been opened for two days from 15.00 to 15.00 CET.
  • The game has included two semi-finals and the winner of each country has qualified to compete in one of them. Some countries only sent one song to the contest which has automatically qualified for the semi-finals.
  • The semi-finals qualifiers and final winner have been selected by a mix of professional jury and public vote (50/50).

Each semi-final has included 16 songs randomly chosen:

First Semi-Final Second Semi-Final:
1. Moldova 1. San Marino
2. Spain 2. Sweden
3. France 3. Armenia
4. Latvia 4. Malta
5. Azerbaijan 5. FYR Macedonia
6. Serbia 6. Belarus
7. Croatia 7. Russia
8. Israel 8. Bulgaria
9. Ukraine 9. Serbia & Montenrgro
10. Lithuania 10. Romania
11. Denmark 11. Norway
12. Greece 12. The Netherlands
13. Poland 13. Switzerland
14. Belgium 14. Cyprus
15. Portugal 15. Georgia
16. Albania 16. United Kingdom












Thanks for voting and following our game!

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