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Sweden: New rules for Melodifestivalen’s second chance

Melodifestivalen’s second chance round gets new rules. This year, the viewers of Melodifestivalen will be able to listen to the songs that made it to the second chance round, directly after the semi-final that competed in. Up until 2014, the songs that advanced to the final and the second chance round were made available to the public after the end of the fourth semi-final. But with the new rules, the songs will now be available to listen to directly after each semi-final. This change is made to create new and improved conditions for the second chance round.

We want to make the second chance a better and more exciting round and create better conditions for the songs to become classics and live longer in viewers’ consciousness, says Christer Björkman.

The songs that go directly to the final will, as in previous years, be available after the fourth semi-final and Christer Björkman believes that it creates exciting opportunities for the final.

The eight songs which are in the final are the viewers’ absolute favorites. Once they are released, everything is focused on them and so it has always been and it will not change. The change means that we have more exposure to more songs. We don’t know how it will affect the results of the final, but it creates exciting opportunities, says Christer Björkman.

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