Sweden: Melodifestivalen shake-up, Anna Book is disqualified!

SVT has officially disqualified Melodifestivalen first heat participant Anna Book. Rehearsals have just begun and after a quick clip of Book’s performance was released it was quickly linked to Felicia Dunaf’s Taking Care Of A Broken Heart. Taking Care Of A Broken Heart was previously performed for Moldova’s pre Eurovision selection in 2014.

The similarities were striking and “Himmel för två” had to be disqualified. In a press conference earlier today Christer Björkman announced how unfortunate the situation was. As consolation, Book is allowed to perform the song in Gothenburg but she will not be allowed to compete.

Check out the other participants of the semi-final 1 here.

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3 thoughts on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen shake-up, Anna Book is disqualified!

  1. The composer of her song should really known better..It would be possible for the info of this plagiarism to get leaked when his other song was from the 2014 season that was way too rescent!
    Not wise at all by him to use the ‘same’ song and give it to poor Anna.
    Now not only she will be in the Final of Melodifestivalen like she was in her previous attempts of the past (2007 & 1986) but she won’t have the chance to compete to the SF alone! What a waste for her.She did all this effort/rehearsals/work for NOTHING!

    (By the way,she really reminds me of Kim Davis! That religious backward redneck american lady that was refusing to give wedding licenses to gay couples! 😛 )

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