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Spain unveils music video of Sandra Valero’s Junior Eurovision song “Loviu”

RTVE has launched the music video of the Spanish proposal on La 1. The Spanish entry was released last week.

After the launch of “LOVIU” on Tuesday 3 September, in which we could hear for the first time Sandra Valero ‘s song for Junior Eurovision, today we have finally presented the official video clip of this candidacy with which Spain will be represented in the next edition of the festival to be held in Nice (France) on Sunday 26 November 2023.

The premiere has taken place on La 1 and RTVE Play, the public corporation’s digital platform, where it will be shown exclusively for a few days until its arrival on the official Eurovision Junior channel. The video clip aims to make young and old alike feel identified by mixing a classic and modern aesthetic that takes us back to childhood, regardless of age. Do you want to see the final result? Enjoy the video clip of “LOVIU” with Sandra Valero below:

As we have seen in the video clip, the song evokes different sensations that allow us to let our imagination fly while we listen to it, making it possible to transfer them visually in multiple ways, opening the door to the development of a powerful and ingenious staging with which Sandra can offer all her energy and quality on the stage of the most important children’s and youth music show of the year.

Sandra Valero will not be alone on stage in Nice and, as we have already seen them in this video clip of “LOVIU”, she stars in this adventure together with her backing singers Blanca Miralles, Nayeli Ruiz, Mario Falero and Jesús Montero, the latter two young people were also backing singers for Carlos Higes during the recording of “Señorita” last year.

The team behind the production of the video clip for “LOVIU” has been formed by national names such as Jimmy Llamas, director of the same, together with Antonio Sanz Jiménez, director of photography, and Vicky Gómez, once again in charge of the choreography of Spain’s entry for Junior Eurovision. The song was composed by Luis Ramiro, Alejandro Martínez Valderrama and Diego Cantero, with the production of David Parejo Martín.

The filming took place entirely on a virtual reality set in Boadilla del Monte, dispensing on this occasion with real locations. Despite this, the setting of each scene has been taken care of to the millimetre, dispensing with the chroma key technique to guarantee a greater sense of realism. Instead, the scenes were recreated on the film set itself with the necessary props and a large curved LED screen that allowed any background to be projected, making it easier to avoid having to move around and thus reducing the filming time for the video presentation of the candidacy.

Jimmy Llamas in charge of the direction of the “LOVIU” videoclip

One of the most important aspects of the Spanish candidature is the video clip of the song “LOVIU”. To carry out this visual piece that complements the music, Jimmy Llamas has been in charge of the direction. His skill and artistic vision have contributed to create a video clip that captures the essence of the song and enhances the message that Sandra Valero wants to convey. The director intended to present Sandra in a dreamlike state, where she explores her desire to travel and discover the world. In her own words.

In the music video for “LOVIU”, we can observe Sandra immersed in a series of imaginary adventures, all of them related to her desire to travel. During the three minutes of production, we can see our representative taking to the skies on a swing, dancing with her companions in an improvised cabaret or among fireworks in what seems to be the final climax of the piece. The video clip, shot entirely on a virtual reality set, will have different textures and nuances throughout its progression, but fantasy and pastel colours will undoubtedly be essential ingredients to present the Spanish candidacy to the whole of Europe.

“The idea was inspired by our childhood memories, when, surrounded by the four walls of a room, we used to dream and fantasise about being in faraway places”

Jimmy Llamas
Image: RTVE

Antonio Sanz Jiménez, director of photography

Antonio Sanz Jiménez, the man responsible for the photography of the video clip, has a long career working on projects such as Sandra Valero’s. The artist is known for his tireless work in the field of photography. The artist is known for his tireless search for new aesthetics, textures and technologies for his work, including important music videos, advertising pieces and even documentaries. Sanz Jiménez already has some experience in the Eurovision field, working on projects such as the videoclip of Sayonara by Twin Melody or the lyrics videos of Blas Cantó’s pre-selection for the 2021 edition. Additionally, he has worked with other renowned artists such as Nia, Edurne, Chema Rivas or Lory Meyers.

The director of photography has used a curved LED screen to create the perfect atmosphere in different scenarios. According to Antonio, “Thanks to virtual reality, we now have the ability to project any background we want”. This innovative tool has given the team the ability to manage filming time more efficiently.

The instantaneous change of backgrounds has allowed us to avoid the need to film for several days due to constant location moves

Antonio Sanz Jiménez

More about “LOVIU”

LOVIU“, the Spanish entry for Junior Eurovision 2023, has three main pillars. It is a catchy, international song with a lot of stage possibilities.

I love the song, I can’t wait for you to listen to it and for you to be able to sing it and enjoy it as much as I do”, said Sandra Valero. The young artist defines the song as “happy and lively”.

RTVE’s internal committee has chosen this song because of its international chorus and its universal theme and messages. All this with the aim that our representative can connect with audiences from different cultures and languages.

They also emphasise its energetic rhythm and catchy melody, giving the proposal great potential to stand out from the rest.

On the scenic side, those responsible maintain that the song allows for a creative and dynamic staging, so that Sandra Valero can demonstrate her versatility and all her potential on stage.

Lyrics of LOVIU (Deployable)

I love you.
Mon amour, je t'aime.
Ti amo, eu amo-te.
So many ways to say I love you
and shout them all over the world.

I'd like to live like this every day.
To bring back souvenirs from every corner
I'd like to discover every country
to know its secrets.

I would like to dive in every sea.
I would like to speak the language of your home
and that you tell me the legends that in the end
end up as stories.

I will learn to dream in every language
I will learn to say...

I love you.
Mon amour, je t'aime.
Ti amo, eu amo-te.
So many ways to say I love you
and shout them all over the world.

I'd like my movie trip
to defy the laws of physics.

Today at the Eiffel Tower.
Tomorrow at Big Ben.
And every night in a castle I'll have cake for dinner.
And climb the rooftops.
Throw confetti everywhere.

And if you want to come.
I'll wait for you here.
You're all invited.

I love you.
Mon amour, je t'aime.
Ti amo, eu amo-te.
So many ways to say I love you
and shout them all over the world.

Who composed and wrote “LOVIU”?

LOVIU” was chosen by an internal committee of RTVE from more than 60 proposals received to be the song with which Sandra Valero will represent us at Junior Eurovision 2023 in Nice on 26 November.

Its universal message and chorus were decisive for the RTVE committee to choose this song as the ideal song for our representative. Moreover, it was written and composed by a group of great and renowned composers of the Spanish music scene, which has guaranteed a meticulous work that captures the attention from the very first verses.

who are the composers? Luis Ramiro, Alejandro Martínez Valderrama and Diego Cantero, with the production of David Parejo Martín. Those responsible for the song emphasize that the cheerful and optimistic theme has many possibilities for a creative and dynamic staging in which Sandra Valero will demonstrate all her vocal and expressive potential.


We meet them with some of the milestones in their careers:

  • Luis Ramiro is a singer-songwriter and poet with an outstanding career that includes seven albums and four published books. His collaborations with singers such as Luis Eduardo Aute, Conchita, Marwán, Pedro Guerra and Ismael Serrano stand out. He has composed songs for artists such as David Bisbal, Sergio Dalma, or the representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Pastora Soler, among others. ” Until we got to “LOVIU” we composed several songs in different styles, starting with the chorus, the idea of travelling and mixing languages, and that’s when we fell in love with the song, explained the composer.
  • Diego Cantero, known as Funambulista, has released eight albums and has performed with artists such as Malú, Pastora Soler (Eurovision 2012) and Raphael (Eurovision 1966 and 1967). “Itwas very easy to work with Sandra because we had a voice capable of anything“, said the singer at the press conference.
  • Alejandro Martínez is a composer, pianist and music and Spanish language and literature teacher. He has composed songs for Raphael (Eurovision 1966 and 1967), Rozalén, Pastora Soler (Eurovision 2012), Sergio Dalma (Eurovision 1991) and Funambulista, among others. He has a discography with five albums of his own songs. “We felt that with this song we had something powerful and contagious. LOVIU” has very varied moments to spread that illusion in Nice, he added during the presentation.
  • David Parejo has been in charge of the production of the proposal. He has previously worked with Sergio Dalma (Eurovision 1991), Soraya Arnelas (Eurovision 2009), Azúcar Moreno (Eurovision 1990) and Melody. “We’re going to go all out,” said the producer and composer.

Meet the backing singers and also the stars of the music video for “LOVIU”

On the exciting road to the Junior Eurovision 2023 stage, Sandra Valero is not alone. Accompanying her on this musical journey full of emotions and challenges is a team of talented professionals who will bring their experience and skills to make Spain shine in this prestigious contest.

What makes this team even more special is their previous experience in Spain’s Eurovision selection process. They have been involved in the creation of the video clip of the song and are responsible for the backing vocals of “LOVIU”, the song that will represent Spain in the contest. We know them all:

Blanca Miralles, 13 years old, showed her passion for music from the age of 4, age from which she interprets, sings and performs. Raised in a musical environment surrounded by her artist parents, she started performing on stage when she was only 7 years old. She studied piano, singing and contemporary dance in Seville and speaks English. Her big musical platform was“La Voz Kids 2022”, a programme in which she made a name for herself by reaching the semi-final in David Bisbal’s team. After her adventure in the musical talent show, she tried her luck trying to represent Spain in Junior Eurovision 2022 and in the current edition. Although she did not manage to win the casting, the young girl is happy to be able to accompany Sandra Valero on her adventure to Nice.

Nayeli Ruiz, 13, is already a Eurovision ambassador in Spain’s youth talent shows. The young artist, who began to show her passion for music at a very young age, rose to fame in “La Voz Kids 2022”. Hailing from Estepona, Malaga, she left the 4 coaches of the Antena 3 music contest speechless with a spectacular version of Alfred and Amaia’s Tu Canción. She also performed a short a capella cover of the Eurovision song Arde by Aitana. The little girl, a great lover of animals, continued her career trying to represent Spain at Junior Eurovision.

Image: RTVE

Mario Falero, born in Tenerife and 14 years old, has managed to carve a niche for himself in the Spanish youth pop scene. His songs are cheerful and seek to transmit his passion for music to his audience. He started performing at the age of 6 in the local festivals of his town and has participated in municipal events, including the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival in 2020. She is trained in singing, musical language and piano, as well as playing the flute in the youth band of her municipality. Like Sandra Valero, Mario fulfilled his dream by participating in “La Voz Kids”. In the case of the young man, his moment of success came after joining the team of his idol, Sebastián Yatra.

Jesús Montero, a passionate singer from an early age, first took the stage at the age of 5, performing “Deshazte de mí” by his idol Malú. The young singer’s television and artistic career is extensive and extends both at regional and national level. At the age of 6, he took part in the casting of Fenómeno Fan on Canal Sur, becoming a collaborator of the jury and being called “Catedrático” of the programme. He collaborated in Menuda Noche on Canal Sur, singing for guests such as Boris Izaguirre and Malú. At the age of 8, he stood out in “Niños Prodigios” on Telecinco. At 9, she reached the final of La Voz Kids, which prompted her to participate in other musical talents such as Idol Kids, release her own singles in the studio and of course, try to represent Spain in Junior Eurovision.

More about Sandra Valero

Sandra Valero was born on 20 August 2011. Singer, actress and model she lives in Benetússer (Valencia). From a very young age she has been immersed in the world of music, from her great-grandparents and grandmother to her uncle and father, the latter being musicians and composers.

Her grandmother sang opera, her uncle sings in terraces and is also a composer, while her father is a bass player in the Nexus Group. His passion for music runs in his family and all of them have been one of his first sources of inspiration to get into this world that motivates and excites him.

In addition to “LOVIU”, he has published several of his own songs such as “Invierno En Mi Ciudad” and “Y DIGO EHH! He has also participated in other TV competitions such as “Idol Kids” on Telecinco and “La Voz Kids” on Telecinco and “La Voz Kids” on Antena 3 in 2022. In the Antena 3 contest, she was partner of Carlos Higes, our representative in Yerevan 2022. Both were part of Aitana’ s team and both have strengthened their careers with this great experience in the European festival.

He is currently playing the role of Mowgli from The Jungle Book in a local theatre company and has been part of the musical The Bodyguard.

He isvery good with all genres, his voice impresses in both upbeat songs and ballads, as he has demonstrated with the singles he has released so far and in all the musical programmes he has participated in. She likes ballads as long as they are not too slow, so she also confesses that she loves to dance and perform songs that have her rhythm.

Sandra declares herself to be an unconditional fan of the singer Aitana. So much so that just two days before the official presentation of her song for Junior Eurovision, she accompanied Aitana at the soundcheck of the Alpha Tour Valencia singing “Vas a Quedarte”, one of Aitana’s ballads.

How did Sandra Valero come to represent Spain at Junior Eurovision 2023?

It all started on 30 May when RTVE opened the registration phase for those interested in participating in Junior Eurovision until 3 July. A total of 114 applications were received, 19 more than in 2022, highlighting the recent expectation generated in our country by the children’s festival.

Of the 114 applicants, 14 were selected to attend the face-to-face phase at the beginning of July. At the on-site casting held at the RTVE Studios in Madrid, Sandra Valero performed the song “Parte De Tu Mundo” from “The Little Mermaid”, which thrilled the judges. Her voice colour, her power, her wide vocal range and her profile as an actress stand out.

Her choice to represent Spain at Eurovision 2023 was a unanimous decision by the jury formed by Ana María Bordas, César Vallejo, Miriam García Corrales, Pablo Rodríguez, Tony Sanchez-Ohlsson, Rayden and María Eizaguirre.

Spain at Junior Eurovision

Spain participated in Junior Eurovision for the first time in 2003, being one of the 16 countries that opened the festival in Copenhagen (Denmark). In this first edition, Sergio with his song “Desde El Cielo” placed 2nd with 125 points. The following year, in Lillehammer (Norway), with 171 points, María Isabel with her “Antes Muerta Que Sencilla” achieved the only Spanish victory so far.

A new 2nd place in 2005 and a 4th place in 2006 were the end of a successful first stage for Spain in Junior Eurovision. In these first four consecutive editions, the contest gained great popularity among the Spanish public, thanks to a large extent to the pre-selections with which RTVE chose its representatives, such as Eurojunior. They were also the starting point for the musical careers of many of the singers who are now present in the Spanish music market, such as Blas Cantó (who represented Spain in 2021), Dani Fernández and Antonio José.

Despite the festival’s resounding success, the public corporation decided to withdraw from the event in 2007, claiming that it “promoted stereotypes that were not shared”. During these years of absence, public interest in Junior Eurovision continued and the EBU tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to bring Spain back to the contest. Finally, on 25 June 2019, RTVE announced its long-awaited return after 13 years of absence. In this second stage, the public broadcaster opted for internal elections and managed to maintain the good level of previous years. Both Melani and her song “Marte” in 2019 and Soleá and her “Palante” in 2021 achieved a great 3rd place. In 2021, Levi Díaz with “Reír” reached the 15th position with 77 points.

In the recent edition held in Yerevan (Armenia), Carlos Higes with “Señorita” came in 6th place with 137 points, after being the second most voted entry of the 20th edition by the public on the online platform.

Spain is one of the countries with the best track record in Junior Eurovision, placing in the top six in seven of its eight participations.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Image: Corinne Cumming / EBU

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place on Sunday 26 November in the beautiful coastal city of Nice, France, under the inspiring theme “Heroes”. This event promises to offer a series of exciting surprises and unforgettable moments.

For this year 2023, the competition has chosen the South of France as its location, specifically the “Palais Nikaia”. This majestic venue, also known as the “temple of music“, opened its doors to the public on 4 April 2001 and boasts an impressive surface area of more than 9,000 square metres. The Palais Nikaia is the perfect venue to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which promises to be a show full of glitter and young talent.

France, with two victories on its record at this event, has the honour of hosting the 21st edition of this children’s festivalthat has been gaining popularity year after year among young audiences. Junior Eurovision has given visibility to new talents in the world of music, and France is excited to be the host country.

French broadcaster, with its experience in organising Paris 2021, is committed to delivering a high standard of entertainment and maintaining the characteristic quality of Junior Eurovision. The aim is to make this 21st edition a “unique and unrepeatable” festival. France Télévisions will do its utmost to organise Junior Eurovisionat an exceptional level.

In 2022, the city of Yerevan, capital of Armenia, hosted the contest for the second time in its history, having previously been the host in 2011. On that occasion, France surprised by taking victory with the performance of Lissandro and his song ‘Oh Maman! His charisma and energy catapulted him to the top of the contest, captivating both the national juries and online viewers, earning a total of 203 points and the coveted crystal microphone.

France is looking forward to once again hosting this competition that celebrates music, friendship and diversity, putting Europe’s young talents in the spotlight. The question on everyone’s mind is: who will be the lucky youngster to win the little crystal microphone this year? We will know the answer at the end of November.

Junior Eurovision

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