Sergey Lazarev collapses at St. Petersburg show!

Just moments ago, Russia’s Eurovision 2016 entry, Sergey Lazarev, collapsed on stage during a show in St. Petersburg. Perhaps Russia’s biggest pop star, and odds-on favorite to win Eurovision spoke to the audience and was clearly meant to start a song when he pauses and puts his hand to his head. Almost immediately thereafter he falls down.. The lights dimmed as supports staff came to his aid and he was swiftly carried off the stage by others according to

The terrifying event was captured live by many who were filming the performance. You can see that many were unaware that the scare was not a part of the performance at first. This video shows the whole event:

The singer’s arms move a bit more after he went down, and fans cheered and jeered thinking it a joke at first. After realizing the severity of the situation, the laughter turned to support and the singer regained consciousness after medics used ammonia. The rest of the concert was cancelled, but Lazarev was not transported to any medical facility, giving the impression that the super busy entertainer may have just been out of energy and in need of a break from his stage performances, concerts, Eurovision preparations, and exceedingly demanding choreography. Lazarev competes with ‘You Are The Only One’ in Stockholm, which in live performances, shows of a very energetic dance sequence. Easy to understand him being tired.

We wish Sergey the best as he recuperates and gets ready for Eurovision which is just over a month away, and will update you as soon as there is more information.

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