San Marino has chosen for Eurovision 2019

The mystery around San Marino’s selection process for a representative for Tel Aviv is over.  Today, RTV announced that an internally selected international artist has already been chosen and the song recorded.

“In a few weeks there will be a press conference where other information on the participation of RTV will be given while at the moment – says the head of the delegation Alessandro Capicchioni – we are at the post-production of the piece and the elaboration of the video idea “. RTV Director General Carlo Romeo adds: “We have worked really hard on this.  Tel Aviv is a complex deadline for us in many respects. We have finally chosen the best project and, fully shared with an international artist. We cross our fingers but I think we will do a good job. Good luck to all the friends who are working in Tel Aviv for the success of such an important event for TV all over the world “.

There has been much speculation over how San Marino was going to chose their selection for Tel Aviv after the confirmation that last year’s national selection format of “1 in 360” was not going to be used to select the 2019 representative.

San Marino has not qualified for the grand finals at Eurovision since 2014 when San Marino’s own, Valentina Monetta succeeded on her third consecutive attempt with ‘Maybe’. Can this international artist bring them the best result they have had in years in Tel Aviv?

Any ideas who this international artist could be? Stay tuned for more information.

Source : RTV

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