Junior Eurovision

Russia: Listen to the candidate songs and online voting opens for Junior Eurovision 2021

The 12 songs in the race to represent Russia at Junior Eurovision 2021 are now released! You can listen to them at the online voting platform, which is now open to decide the public part of the results.

You can vote and listen to the twelve finalist songs on this link. They are the 12 candidates who will compete in the national final:

  1. Polina EtchikVremya Mechtat
  2. Ochechi Siyay
  3. Tanya Mezhentseva – Mon Ami
  4. LOL POP – Tantsuy
  5. Andrey Drobyshev – 100 Dorog
  6. Nikita Varentsov – 7.40
  7. Masha Gulevich – Moy Mir
  8. Murad Khuslaev – Naivnaya
  9. Sofia Fomenko – Hey Mom
  10. Liza Trofimova – Zachet
  11. Yulia Gavrilova – Moyo Ima Lyubov
  12. Sania Tania – Zakruzhit

As in previous years, the final will not be broadcast live but will be pre-recorded prior to its broadcast, on October 26 the final will be recorded while on October 30 at 6:00 p.m. CET will broadcast the final in which the public through online voting and the 50% professional jury will determine the winner of the gala and therefore the representative of Russia in Paris.

The jury members who will decide the 50% of the final results are the following:

  • Igor Smirnov, Composer and music producer.
  • Konstantin Rabotov, Composer and professor at the Igor Krutoy academy.
  • Stella Khachanyants, General Director of the Igor Krutoy Academy.
  • Taras Demchuk, composer and sound producer.

JESC 2021 - Russian Final

Sania Tania - Zakruzhit887
Yulia Gavrilova - Moyo Ima – Lyubov707
Sofia Fomenko - Hey Mom541
Liza Trofimova - Zachet533
Nikita Varentsov - 7.40490
Murad Khuslaev - Naivnaya453
Tanya Mezhentseva - Mon Ami445
Masha Gulevich - Moy Mir305
Andrey Drobyshev - 100 Dorog296
LOL POP - Tantsuy256
Ochechi - Siyay145
Polina Etchik - Vremya Mechtat104

Number of voters: 30

Last year Sofia Feskova proclaimed herself the winner of the Russian national final with the ballad ‘My New Day’. Sofía championed Russia in the European competition obtaining a tenth and penultimate position, adding 88 points (44 from the jury and 44 from the tele-vote). Will Russia manage to improve this position in 2021?

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