Romania: TVR announces line-up for this year’s ‘Selecţia Naţională’, listen to the songs!

Time is ticking in Romania to know who will be waving the flag of the country in Stockholm! Two shows ahead on the 4th and 6th of March. TVR has been busy on the task, getting everything set to make the announcement of the 12 contenders who will try to get the ticket to Sweden. From the 8th of February till yesterday, an expert panel was listening to more than 90 applications submitted during the past months and today, the broadcaster is now ready to reveal the line-up for this year’s ”Selecţia Naţională”, their usual national selection process for the contest.

Not only Romanian authors and composers took part in the selection but TVR revealed that there has also been participation from Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK, Italy, Germany and even the USA. Romanian Head of Delegation Iuliana Marciuc added: I am extremely happy to see that more and more young talent are interested in the Eurovision Song Contest. Young talent, but not beginners, known and loved by the public, have sent their best songs. They are the first to prove that the Eurovision Song Contest is not only the greatest musical European festival, but also an event that brings hope and aspiration to the participants – and that TVR is the institution which can offer them this chance”.

Take a look at this year’s official line-up in Romania and listen to the songs:


On March 4th, only six of them will qualify to the grand final (4 selected by a panel, 2 by televoting) taking place two days after, on the 6th of March. Then, it will only be up to the Romanian televote to pick the act representing them in May. Both shows will be aired on TVR 1 and are set to take place live from Baia Mare’s Polyvalent Hall named ”Lascar Pana”, where about 2,500 people will be enjoying the show.

Polyvalent Hall in Baia Mare, where the shows will take place

Polyvalent Hall in Baia Mare, where the shows will take place

“The organising of the National Selection outside Bucharest’s studios has already become a tradition for TVR. The last shows have been held in Brasov city, in the year 2014 and in Craiova city, in the year 2015. This year was the turn of the inhabitants of Baia Mare to watch from the stands the evolution of the performers, within Eurovision contest”, has declared Iuliana Marciuc, the Head of Romanian Delegation. „The special offer of the hosts from Baia Mare, of the City Mayor, Mr Catalin Chereches and of the Local Council Baia Mare, has fully compensated the great distance between Bucharest and Baia Mare. So, therefore, we are convinced that the two shows which are going to be organized here will be truly impressive. We use this opportunity to thank our partners who make Eurovision project possible.” said Iuliana Marciuc.

Are you looking forward to a Romanian win at the contest? Stay tuned for more details on the Romanian national selection!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MarioVision

    February 11, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    Here is my top12 on Romania’s NF.

    1) ** THE VOICE ** 11 Points
    Descent song. ~ 4,5/10 ~ Grade C

    2) ** PARADISIO ** 10 Points
    OK song. ~ 4,5/10 ~ Grade C

    3) ** LET IT SHINE ** 9 Points
    Ok cute song. ~ 3,5/10 ~ Grade C-

    4) ** NEVER TOO LATE ** 8 Points
    Ok song. ~ 3/10 ~ Grace C-

    5) ** LASA -MA, EU TE LAS ** 7 Points
    Fine song. 3/10 ~ Grade C-

    6) ** BEHIND THE SHADOWS ** 6 Points
    Ok song. 3/10 ~ Grade C-

    7) ** SUPERHUMAN ** 5 Points
    Ok song. 3/10 ~ Grade C-

    8) ** MOMENT OF SILENCE ** 4 Points
    Ok song. ~ 3/10 ~ Grade C-

    9) ** IM COMING HOME ** 3 Points
    Ok song ~ 2,5/10 ~ Grade D+

    10) ** BRAND NEW DAY ** 2 Points
    Ok song. 2,5/10 ~ Grade D+

    11) ** NAI NAI ** 1 Point
    Ok song. 2,5/10 ~ Grade D+

    12) ** COME ON EVERYBODY ** 0 Points
    Kinda ok song. 2/10 ~ Grade D

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