PRO TV and Ovidiu Anton join forces to bring Eurovision 2016 to Romania

In the light of the recent events regarding Romania’s participation to Eurovision 2016, PRO TV – leading Romanian commercial TV – and Ovidiu Anton are sending an open letter to EBU, European Broadcasting Union, asking to reconsider their decision, to explore together the possibilities for Ovidiu Anton to take part in the show in Stockholm and to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to the Romanian people on PRO TV.


“We fully respect the recent decision of EBU on this subject. However, we believe that current measures have an unfair negative impact on the participant, the viewers and Romania as a country. Ovidiu and his team have invested a lot of energy and time into the preparations for the event. He has received big support of both the jury and the people in Romania. It is unfair to be withdrawn from the competition on such an advanced stage, just couple of weeks before the finals. Eurovision is perceived as an event of national importance and Romanian people should not be deprived of the opportunity to see the event. This way, Ovidiu’s exclusion is a punishment of a country, not a station. Europe has to be united and this competition is a great example.” said Aleksandras Cesnavicius, CEO PRO TV.

The Romanian singer Ovidiu Anton, who had already tried to represent his country in several occasion, feels devastated with this decision after spending the last months actively working on his performance:

“In the last 6 years I have constantly participated at Eurovision National selection, wishing to win and go further in the international final, so I’m more ready than ever to be on the stage of this song contest. I’ve worked hard all these years, especially in the last period, preparing a good show for Stockholm. I want to thank all Romanians for the trust given by their votes; I wish to have the opportunity to show them they were right. I thank also to the thousands of people who showed their support in the last days, by messages and online petitions. And, not least, I want to thank PRO TV for this generous opportunity.” said Ovidiu Anton, the winner of Romania’s National Selection for Eurovision 2016.

Pro TV believes that EBU’s strategic objective is to put its members at the core of everything they do, being bounded by solidarity and the shared ambition to serve a common purpose for society, so the strongly believe, together, they can find a solution on this matter.

An on-line petition is also available, so Romanian people can express their solidarity with Ovidiu and support him on his road to Eurovision 2016 together with PRO TV.

The Romanian public broadcaster TVR was withdrawn from the EBU services following repeated non-payment of debts.

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