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UK: Eurovision Who Decided?

On February 22nd, the BBC revealed the six songs that will go head to head in the UK selection show Eurovision: You Decide! You can watch the show here, February 26, 2016 after 19:30. After a few (I’m being nice) unsuccessful attempts, The BBC is empowering the UK to help select their entry which they tried before (at least picking the artist). Don’t remember? See below:

The last time it happened, it did not turn out well for the UK points wise in Oslo. My personal opinion is no mystery. I covered my thoughts on the song search in my vlog. But now we have the songs and acts that could possibly represent the UK at Eurovision 2016!

Here’s the good news: all the entries are better than Electrovelvet!

Here’s the bad news: I don’t think a winning song is here.

The bright-side: None of these songs is a joke. I think these are all serious entries and if any were to enter the contest I would not have them in my bottom (as of now).

At any rate, I think Eurovision 2016 is going to be all about the women. But the UK is coming strong with the men. Could my prediction be off? Maybe. Here are my thoughts on all the entries:

Joe and Jake – You’re Not Alone

I like the simplicity of this song. I am really liking the vocals of Joe and Jake. I’m not sure what they would bring to the stage. Without Melfest show tricks that Wiktoria, Ace Wilder, and David Lindgren have (to name a few) I’m worried that this great song will be just that– a great song and nothing more. The song has momentum and I’d like to see the BBC show some dollars and invest in the onstage performances.

Bianca – Shine a Little Light

This song is simple and the production value is more demo that actual single. I like the groove of the song, but is this Eurovision ready? No. Bianca is singing perfectly well and hitting every note but the song is lacking an oomph that would be necessary to really redeem the UK.

Dulcima – When You Go

… No. Ok, so this song is upbeat and I like that. If the UK is aiming to be in the top 10– this is not the answer. The female vocalist is unique but doesn’t seem to fit. I can also imagine that the staging will be similarly underwhelming.

Matthew James – A Better Man

This sounds like it was made for Robbie Williams, but he rightfully declined to record it. The mid 90s midtempo ballad thing isn’t working. The quality of the recording is also really dated.  The lyrical content comes off a trite. On a positive note, I like the momentum in the song. I like Mr. James’ vocals and I wish they could have been featured on a stronger track.

Karl William Lund – Miracle

This has the most promising start– and then it somehow abandons the momentum. The song lifts off then brings us back quickly. Karl has a clean voice and honestly this song would most definitely be at home on my iPhone playlist. I imagine that this song will really rise to the occasion live.

Darline – Until Tomorrow

I love a good folk song… The harmonies are tight and the chorus is catchy without being silly or cliché. I’m unsure what they’ll bring on stage, but this song is strong enough to make it stand out leagues ahead of the other entries.

My Ranking

  1. Miracle, Karl William Lund
  2. You’re Not Alone, Joe and Jake
  3. Until Tomorrow, Darline

Check out the entries here.

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