Eurovision 2016 Review – Slovenia

I love a country entry at Eurovision. This is being compared to Taylor Swift, but it’s more Faith Hill and that is a good thing. Slovenia made it into the finals last year thanks to an infectious chorus and upbeat feel. This song may not be what the Eurovision family “wants” but it certainly isn’t a weak song. The chorus is upbeat and yes, the song is catchy. This isn’t forgettable.

We don’t know what the on-stage performance will be, except for the fact that there will be a costume change. This song is a tricky one to stage. Country songs are tough to stage. You can’t have too much happening around the performers because it has to make sense. Dancers tend to take away from the singer. I do believe that with the right staging this could steal some votes and wind up in the final.

Once I heard the song all the way through, it was clear that this song is terribly underrated. There are very songs in the competition this year. Last year this song would have easily made the finals. With so many strong offerings I’m sure ManuElla’s “Blue and Red” could be forgotten by some Eurovision voters.  Eurovision 2016 is just so strong, too many of my favorite may be left in the semis.

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