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Eurovision 2016 Review – Poland

Is this better than last year’s entry? Yes. Should this be in the finals? No. Michal Szpak has a great voice. His vocals are strong and confident. He sells, “Color of Your Life.” Unfortunately, I don’t believe that this song has what it takes to stand out. The Polish diaspora will no doubt support the act and could propel it to the top 10. That doesn’t mean it belongs there.

The song is the generic pop flair that we’ve heard before– but slower. The same old same old isn’t enough this year. Michal is competing with very strong male acts and I don’t think it’ll shine through.

I’m unsure what the onstage performance will look like. I imagine it’ll be relatively straight-forward  with Michal singing and no backing dancers. Does Michal Szpak have what it takes? Yes. Is “Color of Your Life,” enough? No.

I think we’ll see Michal again and when we do I hope he has a stronger song.

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