Eurovision 2016 Review – Lithuania

Donny Montell’s I‘ve been waiting for this night is an exuberant pop piece that I’ve been trying to figure out if N’Sync released this track…(just kidding) It’s early 2000s sound does not sound dated and instead acts as a fresh nostalgic take. 

Donny has some tough opposition from the other male contestants this year and I’m hoping Donny could squeak through, but I’m not sure. Donny will give us a polished onstage performance and vocals with no issues. I really want this to qualify.

The song is reminiscent of “Heroes” but I think Donny’s vocals are stronger than Måns Zelmerlöw’s. Donny knows how to dance and honestly… as I write this, I’m becoming more confident that Lithuania has what it takes to make it on to the finals. Looking at the other male contestants, Sergey, Justs and Amir are at the top.  The middle bunch would be Donny, Freddie, Juri, and Hovi. Freddie is a lock in my opinion and Hovi’s Made of Stars is simply beautiful, but Israel has had trouble qualifying in the past. Juri is good but his song could easily become forgettable. All of that leaves Donny in a comfortable place to qualify.

Who know what will happen on the stage in Stockholm, Sweden? Lithuania is one of my “dark horse” countries that could surprise us all this May.

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