Eurovision 2016 Review – Israel

This is how you do a revamp. Hovi Star has me thinking about a Tel Aviv Eurovision 2017.  Made of Stars is an anthemic message song with life. A contrast to the boring ballads of Eurovision 2015, this song has momentum and Hovi Star’s vocals are perfectly showcased.

Hovi is Sam Smith meets Daley which is a serious compliment. The song stands out in the bunch thanks in large part to Hovi’s vocals. Israel came to win this year and I hope this performs well. I think this will safely get out of the semis.

I love the music video and hope the onstage performance take a note from the video. There are a lot of male performers this year but Hovi is different. There is a humility in his voice but his confidence is not in short supply.

What do you think about a Tel Aviv Eurovision 2017?

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