Eurovision 2016 Review – Greece

What is something that should never happen on the Eurovision stage? Rap. Argo’s Utopian Land is one of the weakest songs this year. It’s a song like this that gives the hip-hop genre a bad name in Europe. Greece will not have to worry about hosting in 2017.

ERT choose Argo internally and I think  it was their goal to send something “ok” but not “too good.” ERT succeeded because the song isn’t bad. The song just won’t be in the finals.

We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun
We are the rise in the rising sun
join with us for a Utopian Land

We all know that Greece is experiencing difficult financial times… ERT’s worst nightmare would be to host the song contest right now but it is no excuse. This song has figured out how to be unique AND boring.

I’ve already forgotten the melody…

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