A Review: Georgia Eurovision 2016

Either you get it or you don’t. I happen to get it and although this may not get enough buy-in from semi final voters this is a great piece of pop-rock (electro) music that I’d love to see in the final. Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz or Nika and Friends for short (not really) are bringing  cool pop rock with Midnight Gold and I’m feeling it. I enjoyed this song on first listen where some may needed more time to warm up to it.

This song is giving us 90s Brit-Pop (think Blur, Suede and Oasis) and adding a modern electronic feel. The lyrics aren’t throwaway. This is quality. I dare you to expand your mind beyond pop music, expand it beyond the typical Eurovision winner…

The song is fun without being a joke and that is due in large part to the lyrics:

I vaguely can recall pain and pleasure mixing in one bowl
My mind is spinning,
I know the bliss
Ten million miles away my flesh and bones are dreaming in a haze.
Stains of mud on your skin
Night will come ans so will the sin

In order for the Eurovision Song Contest to continue to make its mark the styles of music that work on the stage has to evolve. Try me… a song that’s a little different isn’t going to kill anyone.

Will this be in the finals? Doubtful. Do I think Midnight Gold deserves to be in the final? Yes.

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