Eurovision 2016 Review – France

Full Disclosure: This music video brought tears to my eyes.

The song pulls you in and has a consuming effect. The message of the song is great but it really is besides the point. The song is good. The song could be about apple picking, it’s not, but it doesn’t matter because the melody and chorus are solid. This song is safely in my top 5 and I hope the rest of the Eurovision community takes time to appreciate this entry.

Although France is a Big 5 country, I think this would safely make it to the final. The song’s pacing is perfectly constructed to result in an entry that doesn’t fall flat or bore. Even though this year is a certified sausage fest Amir has a unique quality with this song. Amir is bringing a maturity male energy to the contest. He is good-looking too which helps.

I’m curious about how France plans to stage this. The live presentation had Amir with some ridiculously dressed female backing singers. On all that is holy, I hope France allows Amir to shine solo on stage with some creative LED projections. I wouldn’t mind contemporary dancers being added to the mix but those hand-clapping poorly dressed female backing vocalists have to go.

I am really in love with this song and hope others will fall in love too.

Is J’ai cherché in your top 5?



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