Eurovision 2016 Review – Finland

Sandhja is giving us soulful pop goodness with “Sing it Away“. This song has a fun dance quality reminiscent of Belgium’s “What’s the Pressure” which it no doubt will be compared to. The good news for Finland is that “Sing it Away” is much better than “What’s the Pressure”. The bad news is I’m unsure if this will make it out of the semis.

If you told me a month ago we’d have the entries we have I’d have thought you were lying. There are some really strong songs and great performances are going to be left in the semis. Unfortunately, I think Sandhja will be one of the unlucky few who don’t continue on.

Sandhja has great vocals and the song could have stood out last year but I think the strong upbeat songs from the men this year will out-shadow her. The songs chorus is strong and the right staging could help this act out. Sandhja needs choreography and dancers if she wants to make it out of semi-final 1.

What do you like more: “What’s the Pressure” or “Sing it Away”?

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