Eurovision 2016 Review – Azerbaijan

Samra’s Miracle is a modern R&B track that is good. She cites Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Beyoncé as her musical influences and it’s clear in her voice. Miracle is apparently a break up song and I love that,  but this track ultimately falls flat for me.

The mark of a good song is the ability it has to “stick,” there is something forgettable about the entire package. Samra is beautiful but the video does nothing to highlight that.  The music video is very budget and does nothing to elevate the entry. Azerbaijan, know how to Eurovision and I’m hoping the onstage performance will be special. The 20-year-old chanteuse has strong vocals and will no doubt be in the finals

Unfortunately, I predict this act will simply be a good song sung well by a pretty girl. That isn’t enough to win the competition. The audience must be WOW’d. It is one of Samra’s dreams to compete in the song contest… I hope she will come back, with a better song.

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