Eurovision 2016 Review – Croatia

Calm Down Croatia Fans! It isn’t May and we are not on the Eurovision stage in Stockholm, Sweden. The minute Croatia released “Lighthouse” from Nina Kraljić, the internet was ablaze. Fans from all over Europe were ready to crown Croatia with Eurovision 2016 top honors.

The formula for a successful Eurovision song has become more complex. Recent years have seen more professionals taking the stage. The onstage presentations have become more high-tech and involved. These changes have been mostly positive. As a spectator of the song contest, I am pleased to see the quality level rise. Nina vocals are beautiful and give me flashback to ESC songs from the early 90s. This is a good thing.

The production of the song is simple and I would be curious to see what would happen if the song was mixed and remastered with a Swedish producer. The quality would no doubt elevate and give this song a little more oomph. The song is good. Did I say the song was good? Is the song alone enough? No.

Nina has stated in interviews that she isn’t going to have a very involved stage show. This is a mistake. This song needs that drop of special to secure itself a win. I’d love to be in Croatia next May, but I’m telling you now… I don’t think it is going to happen.

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