Eurovision 2016 Review – Austria

ZOË confidently sells, “Loin d’ici,” but I admit I’m not buying it. The song is perfectly sweet, catchy, and infectious but I simply can’t get past the bubblegum explosion and Disney meets Barbie staging. I’ve tried getting into this song but it may just not be my taste. 

Are there worst songs in the competition? Yes. Will this make it out of the semis? Doubtful. Semi final one is very competitive this year. The charisma ZOË offers helps this entry a great deal, but I’m on the fence with this entry from Austria. The French lyrics elevate what is a simple dance-y pop song that reminds me a lot something you’d here in a video game.

If ZOË is hoping to reach a larger audience with this entry as her introduction… Good luck boo.

Are you buying what ZOË is selling?

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