REACTION: Norma John, Blackbird

Norma John is the rightful winner of Finland’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. Their performance was haunting and tasteful. No matter how sophisticated the song is I fear that this is going to fall flat. Looking at the songs we have now (not many) it is already becoming somewhat forgetful. Norma John has gone on record saying that there is hope in the song…

“You sang when he was in my bed
You sang when my heart sang
Now you remind me of something I’ll never have
So blackbird, don’t sing
Blackbird, don’t sing
Blackbird, don’t sing”

This song isn’t hopeful. The song isn’t light. It is heavy and because of that it’ll be harder to digest. 1944 is heavy, but it is hopeful. Finland’s staging will remain simple an I applaud that from an artistic point of view.  This is going to be a ballad heavy year (I think). This ballad simply lacks the chops vocally and stylistically to differentiate it enough to make the final.

The song is sophisticated. The song is well written. Norma John is a serious act, this isn’t a joke.

What can Finland’s Norma John do to make the final?

  • Get Norma John out there. They need to be doing the Eurovision pre-parties. They need to be doing press. People will need to fall in love with them, and then they’ll begin to understand the song.
  • Get some dancers. This act needs a turbo boost of interesting. A well choreographed serious dance routine would take this to the next level.
  • Get creative with the backing vocals. Look, this song is simple which is a good and bad thing. The song could be elevated with some tasteful and thoughtful backing vocals.
  • Do not wear black. 

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