REACTION: NaviBand, Historyja majho zyccia

Congratulations Belarus! You picked the right entry this year. IVAN’s entry last year wasn’t horrible, but #ugh the staging was silly and  the track was whack. “Learn How To Fly,” wasn’t the worst entry last year… but it wasn’t far off. NaviBand’s track is ethnic, catchy, and the vocals are great.

This was a favorite of mine from the beginning but I did NOT want to get my hopes up.The female’s vocal are stronger than the male’s but it works. Their harmonies are strong and I appreciate the ethnic feel that many countries have abandoned as of late.

This song is going to the final.

I may be bold in my prediction. It is very early in the Eurovision season. However, I feel that this entry has what it takes to stand out, and get stuck in the ears of Eurovision fans around the world. The staging isn’t going to be extraordinary. It shouldn’t be. Belarus, has the budget to surprise on stage, but I hope they don’t distract us.

It is very difficult for me to come up with something negative to say about this entry. It is strong. I don’t think it’ll win, but it should be in the final and perform well.

What can Belarus do to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest final in Kiev?

  • Keep it simple. Don’t distract Eurovision voters at home with outlandish staging.
  • Let NaviBand be their authentic selves. Don’t change the styling, this act is bringing something unique and authentic.
  • Do NOT translate any lyric not in English.

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