OPINION: Semi Final 2 Qualifiers, Eurovision 2017

Semi Final 2 is shaping up into the real bloodbath this year. Last year I successfully predicted the semi final 2 qualifiers and I don’t know if I’ll be so lucky this year. We are going to lose some amazing songs and vocalists in this semi. Here are the tracks I think are most likely to make to the final.

Serbia, In Too Deep, Tijana Bogićević 

The track is strong and current. It is a little different from the typical Balkan ballad that Serbia normally serves. The stage show isn’t “too much,” but in a weaker year I’d be surprised to not see this make it through.

Ireland, Dying to Try, Brendan Murray

This is going to sneak its way into the final and I am very happy about it. I fell in love with this song. Sure, his voice is divisive for some but he gifted. This voice is a gift from God and I really hope to see Ireland back in the final.

The Netherlands, Lights & Shadows, Og3ne

I have been in love with this track since day one. The Netherlands could win. I said it. These harmonies are tight. The emotion is real. I knew I’d be in tears watching this live and I know they won’t let me down.

Hungry, Origo, Joci Pápai

This song is sorely underrated. Joci is bringing passion and authenticity to Eurovision. This Euro-pop meets hip hop cool WORKS. Hungry is going to win the song contest in the next few years and Joci is solidifying that prediction with a strong song reflecting his personal story.

Belarus, Story of my Life, Naviband

This is one of the best Belarusian entries ever. The song is refreshing, ethnic, and fun. The singers seem absolutely delightful and that accessibility will translate to viewers at home. They aren’t singing this in English and I am so happy they aren’t.

Estonia, Verona, Koit Toome & Laura

This track is my most improved. I didn’t love this in the national selection, but I lvoe it now. It is becoming one of my most played tracks. This is NOT going to be a top 10 finisher in the final, but it’ll be there.

Israel, I Feel Alive, IMRI

This track is FUN. I love the studio version and the running order is going to bring them back into the final. I know the Israel has struggled in the past to make the final, but those songs were not as good. IMIR will look amazing and sound just fine.

Bulgaria, Beautiful Mess, Kristian Kostov

This is probably my top song of the year. Kristian is the youngest participant but comes off as a seasoned professional. Don’t you want to visit Sofia next May? I do. This is a sure-bet for the final and there is no question about it.

Norway, Grab the Moment, JOWST

I think this could sneak its way into the final. I am going out on a limb here. This track is just so current and I think the juries will show enough love to balance out the televoters who will give them a little shine. This might not make the cut. Denmark may take Norway’s spot but their song is NOT as strong.


  • F.Y.R Macedonia, Jana Burčeska: This song is going to struggle. I know it is high in the betting odds. I know it is fun. I know the song is danceable. It isn’t vocally challenging and it risks blending in.
  • Denmark, Anja: The song is DATED. I think folks at home will gravitate towards her voice (rightfully so), but I don’t think she will bring enough unique-ness to the performance to truly take it into the final. I think Denmark is in trouble this year.
  • Romania, Ilinca ft. Alex Florea: This song has no business in the final but it might end up there. The song is silly and although the melody is catchy and fun it is too gimmicky. Our song contest has come a long way. We have so many quality, radio-friendly tracks and it is acts like these that further perpetuate negative stereotypes about the song contest as a whole. With all of that said, the song is unique and will stand out. So it could end up in the final.
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