Eurovision 2016 Review – Montenegro

If this is, “The Real Thing” Montenegro needs to go to the store and return it promptly, because they’ve been had. I was a fan of Montenegro’s entry last year and this year’s entry really is out of left field.

The music video isn’t high quality which let’s us know that this on-stage performance is going to be weak. But that doesn’t even matter because the song is just BAD. Wait, did I just say it was BAD? Yes. This entry is not good and the lyrics are scary:

Inside you take me little closer,
inside you ‘cus you got
Spinning shadows on the walls
I see you, Inside me..

Feel it I’m the real thing yeah
Feel it I’m the real thing yeah


This is the weakest of the rock entries this year by far. The vocals are hollow and weak. San Marino’s non disco version is better than this. Highway is not Eurovision 2016 ready, and their trip to Sweden will end after semi final 1. This will not be in the finals and they only question is why. Why did Montenegro send this entry?

No really… If you like this entry, please tell me why in the comment.

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