Eurovision 2016 Review – Ireland

I’m really looking forward to seeing Ireland in the finals. I really like, “Sunlight,” and believe that Nicky will deliver a strong performance on the Eurovision stage. Ireland is the most successful country in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent years their success has been limited but they are back in it this year.

After opting for an internal selection, Nicky of Westlife fame was selected to represent Ireland, a smart move. This song will not win, but Ireland will be in the finals. Why won’t it win? Byrne is going up against namely Sergey, Amir, and Justs which are offering mature male pop songs. These other songs have a unique quality and I’m unsure if Byrne will be able to elevate this song enough to overshadow his competitors.

“We’ll be standing out in the
We stay together
We’ll live forever in the

I like the song, but it is very middle of the road and that accessibility is the very thing that’ll hold it back. Next year Ireland should consider being a little more risky with musical selection– but the internal selection process worked.

Best of luck Ireland!

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