Eurovision 2016 Review – Hungary

Freddie is not letting his pretty face (and body) go to waste. With powerful vocals and a strong live performance to solidify its strength Hungry is on a path to the finals.

For the last five years Hungry has used A Dal, to select its Eurovision representative. Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári aka Freddie was the lucky (and very good-looking) winner. Hungry has managed to qualify for the final with weaker entries so I’m not seeing left behind in the semis. Freddie has a true “Cinderella” story, but with a voice like his he should be performing.

Smokey with a little grit, Freddie slides into “Pioneer” a pop rock entry that is radio ready with a realistic edge. The song has levels and doesn’t bore for a second. From basketball dreams to pop stardom, Freddie plans to release his first album post ESC 2016, and “Pioneer” is the perfect introduction.

Could Hungry end up in the top 5 at Eurovision 2016?

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