Eurovision 2016 Review – Germany

I was so ready to write this song off and I’m glad I didn’t. Although, I don’t see Germany in the top 10 that has nothing to do with the song itself.  This song is on my YouTube Red playlist and I can truly identify with the lyrics.

Fresh off The Voice Germany, Jamie-Lee has a strong voice and a captivating song. I’m not sold on the staging right now because we’ve seen it before. The styling although authentic to Jamie-Lee, has been done before too.

This is the ghost of you
Haunting the ghost of me
We’re lonely in a crowded room together
Tell me who’s scared now!

Here’s the thing… Jamie-Lee’s youth is working against her. There is a passion and power behind this story and Jamie-Lee is too young to get it. Imagine “Ghost” sung by Serbia’s Sanja Vučić ZAA, the depth and power of this song would be palpable. That isn’t a slight to Jamie-Lee, she’s just young and her career is only going to get better after representing Germany at Eurovision 2016.

I don’t know about you, but even at the preselection I could see some of Jamie-Lee Kriewitz’s youth as she coyly tapped her heel along to the beat. Jamala and Dami Im are going to be in the final and those performances will ultimately outshine the German entry.

What should Jamie-Lee do to stand out on the Eurovision stage?

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