What to expect from semi final 2: Eurovision 2016

Semi Final 1 had so many surprises and I think we are in for a treat with semi final 2.

  1. Petra and Måns are singing together. The hosting this year is leagues better than last year. The chemistry between our two host is really strong. This organic relationship continues through tonight’s show.
  2. Swedish Smorgasbord part 2 happens. They break down what the contest is all about with a nice opening. Some may be praying for the act to end, but I was really looking forward to an interval act featuring Petra (again), but Justin Timberlake is taking that. If you loved the “Swedish Smorgasbord” you’ll love this little performance.
  3. Justs singing his Latvian butt off. Latvia is in a tricky zone with the running order, but the catchy-ness of the track will not be forgotten.
  4. Michal Szpak’s nipples. Poland will be in the final. Of course there’s no telling what will happen with the voting, but I’m almost positive they’ll sail through.
  5. Rykka’s blue hair on fire. Ok, it’s just dry ice. As much as I like the song I’m not expecting it to qualify. A pyro curtain can’t save this act.
  6. Hovi Star will make you cry. The staging is perfection and Star’s vocals rise to the occasion. Poland may get more points, but this is better.
  7. A naked Ivan won’t freak you out. Belarus is giving Russia a run for their money with this stage show, but is the song up to par? Not really.
  8. A naked Måns is going to turn you on. There is nothing else to add.
  9. Sanja is going to sing her face off. Serbia has such a strong entry this year and I’d be shocked for it to not qualify.
  10. Ireland may not make the cut, again. Nicky is sandwiched in the middle of the show run which is doing him no favors. Nicky’s vocals have been great during rehearsals, he sounds just like the track. The staging is very red which I’m not a fan of.
  11. Kaliopi shows the novices how it is done. The ease of her vocals is to be envied. I feel like we don’t have many ethinic songs in the final right now and this should be the entry. They’ve paired the staging down and I’m not sure that was smart.
  12. Donny Montell turns into a man. So he’s been a man for a while but he has really matured into a seasoned performer. His staging really shines and of course there is a trick. I want this in my final but it might struggle.
  13. Dami Im wows. The question about Australia’s participation should become a mute point after this. Australia is taking this seriously. I always get chills when she performs live and yes, tears may come.  She looks like a princess and sounds like an angel.
  14. Slovenia bring us to Nashville. This is not a bad song but I don’t expect it to qualify at all.
  15. Poli Genova’s dance will jar you. When I first saw this I was not expecting Poli to get low and drop the eagle on me. The choreography is a integral part of the performance, but Poli’s vocals are concerning. I hope for this to advance but if it doesn’t I wouldn’t be super surprised.
  16. Denmark will surprise you. These 3 guys have great voices and a strong stage show. The hate they’ve received is not fair or balanced. Anja and Simone did not win, Lighthouse X is representing Denmark. Get over it.
  17. Ukraine will hypnotize you. This controversial entry is a legitimate contender to stand up against.  Russia. The entire performance will place you in a deep trance that you don’t want to leave.
  18. A key change that will polarize a continent. Norway’s Agnete has been serving strong vocals in her rehearsals. This song is a boarder line qualifier that I firmly expect to see in the final. I’d rather this song stay in the semis, but Agnete is strong.
  19. The rebirth of 90s Brit pop. NO that isn’t Liam Gallagher on your screen! This entry could very well end up in the final thanks to a good catchy track with inventive staging and camera angles.
  20. A surprise qualifier. After Iceland failed to qualify on Tuesday evening I’m not sure what to expect from tonight’s show.

In the Final

  1. Latvia
  2. Poland
  3. Israel
  4. Serbia
  5. Lithuania
  6. Australia
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Ukraine
  9. Georgia
  10. Belgium

On the Fence

  • Belarus
  • Ireland
  • F.Y.R Macedonia
  • Denmark
  • Norway


  • Switzerland
  • Slovenia
  • Albania

Watch Semi final 2 with me tonight.

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