Eurovision 2016 Review – Spain

Yay! Barei is going to start the party in the Globe and I can’t wait to dance along. Spain is going to be doing a lot of right at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The fan base is behind Spain and I’m hoping that Barei will inject some much-needed girl power in the Eurovision finals.

Spain did a slight revamp of this song and the song has only improved. Barei and the piano are the stars of this act. She is committing to that ridiculous footwork and it’ll either work to her benefit or detriment. She has written for Edurne but doesn’t seem shy on stage at all. The challenge will be for Spain to properly support the act with money for the onstage performance.

I really hope Barbara doesn’t let us down on the Eurovision 2016 stage because I’d love to be in Spain next May.

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