Eurovision 2016: My impressions from Day 4 Rehearsals (ESC+Plus in Stockholm)

Alesia in StockholmI woke up super early this  morning to gear up for Day 4 of rehearsals. I knew I’d need a hearty breakfast because yesterday was jam packed with heavy hitters. Australia shined and Israel almost brought tears to my eyes. The weak links yesterday were not that weak and let’s be honest… Today has a few potential non qualifiers rehearsing.

Not many press were in the press area today, and I believe the arrival of more fans, press, and ticket holders is upon us!

I like Slovenia’s song this year. I don’t mind country music. I think country music has the ability to be really sophisticated. The previous performances of the song had a costume change and ManuElla in a in a cute solider dress. The white gown she wore at the rehearsal

I really like Bulgaria’s outfit but she needs to fire her choreographer immediately. The choreography when she reaches the bridge and final chorus is good but before that she should focus on serving fireceness with the styling. Not everyone is suited for choreography. Honestly, this is the styling Rykka’s team should have given her. In comparison to Ira Losco’s technology sweater gown (or straight-jacket), Poli’s tech outfit is sleek modern and cool. Poli Genova looked cool and professional on the stage.

The stage looks like glitter which is a pleasant break from the red lights almost every act seems to be employing. Poli is mostly alone on stage and in the end is joined by her backing vocalists in a triumphant finish. Bulgaria WILL qualify, it MUST qualify.

Denmark ‘s performance at their national final was strong. The song “Soldiers of Love” is pretty generic in the sense that it isn’t anything we haven’t heard before. I was fully expecting to see the same show on stage in Stockholm and it is. This could work to their advantage or disadvantage. Yes, Denmark had stronger songs in their national selection. Yes, Lighthouse X could have tweaked their performance a little. I think Denmark could manage to qualify. Should they qualify? Maybe not. The odds are in their favor.

Jamala had the most flawless first rehearsal know to man. The vocal gymnastics were appreciated and her final costume has not been revealed. The imagery is the same from the national selection but MUCH BIGGER! I am a fan. I know that I mentioned I’m more critical of my favorites, but Jamala gave me nothing to critique… I did not cry, though.

Norway’s performance was fine. It was similar to the national finall but without the box and stairs. Agnete’s vocals were clear, but she did have pitch issues at times. There was a random dancer/acrobat onstage but it was pointless. Norway will be in the finals, but they won’t get Margaret Berger points.

Georgia might have been many’s biggest surprised. I always liked the song and this performance has me back in love. I was not a fan of the music video and I was afraid it would influence the onstage performance. Albania’s Eneda Tarifa sounded amazing but the staging was the blandest most boring setup. Dare I say that Sweden was more entertaining? It was.

Belgium has some of the best placement, closing out semi final 2 with a derivative take on “Uptown Funk“. The choreography is actually looking exactly like the “Uptown Funk” choreography. I’m unsure is any of this will matter to ESC viewers and fans.

The rehearsal went as planned and if you were a fan before you’ll be pleased. If you weren’t a fan before you still won’t be. Laura Tesoro will be wear something similar to her national final outfit.

All in all Day 4 ran smoothly, with today’s acts taking a more straight forward approach to their performances.

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