Norway: Melodi Grand Prix Switch Up, Freddy Kalas’ song disqualified!

It’s only been 2 days since Norway announced their 10 songs competing in the Eurovision preliminary, Melodi Grand Prix. Freddy Kalas’ song “Happy Rush” has been disqualified. The song was deemed too similar to Kalas’ 2011 song “Cannabus”. As we know, the songs in the Eurovision Song Contest have to be original.

The MGP team held an emergency meeting to discuss what to do after fans noted the similarities to the songs on Instagram. Kalas is not disqualified from the competition. What song he’ll be performing is a mystery…

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the clip of “Happy Rush,” but know it won’t be on the MGP stage. To check out Kalas’ competition watch the videos below:

Will this hurt Freddy’s chance of winning MGP?


9 thoughts on “Norway: Melodi Grand Prix Switch Up, Freddy Kalas’ song disqualified!

  1. Hey ESC+Plus.

    You coming to hear what kind of song Freddy Kalas shall sing in ESC today at 18.00.

    With sincerely from Anders.

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