Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2020 final to take place in Trondheim

For the first time in over 30 years, Norway’s national final of Melodi Grand Prix will take place outside the capital city of Norway. Today, NRK confirmed that the February 15th event would take place in Trondheim.

The location change is part of the celebration of MGP’s 60 years anniversary in 2020.

“We are excited to take the national final to Trondheim next year. We hope the people of Trondheim are ready to create a massive celebration for everyone, near the middle of our sprawling country” says head of MGP, Stig Karlsen.

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, and the regional capital of Trøndelag county. The final will be held in the arena “Trondheim Spektrum”.

Moving the national final is far from the only change next year. Several steps are being taken to create an extra special celebration of the music competition:

  • There will be five semi-finals before the national final, one for each region in Norway (North, Middle, West, South, East). The semifinal will be broadcast live before live audiences, from H3 Arena in Fornebu in the Oslo region.  
  • The semifinals will include four local artists from the specific region. They will compete in a duel, and the televoters decide which one of them qualifies for the national final in Trondheim.
  • Five artists have pre-qualified for the grand finale. They are chosen by a jury led by Stig Karlsen. These five artists will perform their song in one semi-final each.
  • There will be no European jury votes next year. The winner of MGP 2019 will be strictly in the hands of the Norwegian viewers.
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“I can promise you great songs, amazing artists, pyrotechnics, confetti, fabulous hosts and everything you expect from MGP. And of course, we are so happy to welcome KEiiNO back to perform after the incredible year they’ve had,” Karlsen says.

Important dates:

  • November 14th: Ticket sales open.
  • December: Hosts will be revealed
  • January 3rd: The five pre-qualified artists will be presented at a press conference in Oslo. The regional artists will be revealed over the next five weeks, starting with the five artists from the south on January 6th.
  • January 11th: Semi-final for Southern Norway
  • January 18th: Semi-final for Eastern Norway
  • January 25th: Semi-final for Central Norway
  • February 1st: Semi-final for Western Norway
  • February 8th: Semi-final for Northern Norway
  • February 15th: Grand Finale in Trondheim.  
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