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Norway 2023: Running-order of the third Semi-final

The national Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, has announced the running-order of the third Semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2023, the national Norwegian final. This Semi-final will take place on January 28th 2023 at 19:50 CET.

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Melodi Grand Prix 2023

The running-order of the third Semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2023 is made public by the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK. Below you can find the running-order of the artists that will compete in this third Semi-final.

  1. Akuvi — Triumph
  2. Tiril — Break It
  3. Skrellex — Love Again
  4. Eline Thorp — Not Meant to Be
  5. Stig van Eijk — Someday
  6. Maria Celin — Freya
  7. Atle Pettersen — Masterpiece

You can listen to the songs of the third Norwegian final here.

Notable names

In this third Norwegian final there are a couple of notable names, these names are the following:

  • Akuvi: Previously participated in Melodi Grand Prix, but did not make it to the Eurovision Song Contest yet.
  • Atle Pettersen: Also competed before in Melodi Grand Prix, but also fif not make it to the contest yet.
  • Stig van Eijk: Particpated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway before, and came in 14th (of 23) in the contest of 1999 with the song “Living My Life Without You”.

Dates of MGP 2023

Below you can find the dates of MGP 2023, the Norwegian national final of 2023.

  • Semi-Final 1 full songs revealed – January 9th 2023
  • Semi-Final 2 – January 14th 2023
  • Semi-Final 2 full songs revealed – January 16th 2023
  • Semi-Final 2 – January 21st 2023
  • Semi-Final 3 full songs revealed – January 23rd 2023
  • Semi-Final 3 – January 28th 2023
  • Grand Final – February 4th 2023

Eurovision 2022

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Norway was represented by two yellow foxes from outter space, called “Subwoolfer”, with the song “Give That Wolf a Banana”; they finished 6th in Semi-final 1, and eventually reached 10th place (of 25) in the Grand Final.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana (2022)

ESCplus Live

For all national finals there is only one great format to go to, and that is “ESCplus Live”, also for the Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix 2023; click here:

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