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Netherlands 2024: Joost Klein’s entry, “Europapa”, will be released at the end of this month.

Today, around 16:00 CET, there was a post on the social media of this year’s Dutch representative, Joost Klein, with more information about his entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.


We know now that Dutch Joost Klein’s song will be called, “Europapa”, and will be released on February 29th 2024. A specific time was not mentioned, but might be revealed in due time. We already knew that Joost’s song will be in the Dutch language.

The Dutch and beyond are very eager to hear the song that is going to represent them in the upcoming contest in Malmö (Sweden).

Find the social media post in which the announcement is made below.

Joost Klein TikTok channel

About Joost Klein

Joost Klein, also known as “Joost”, was born in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden om November 10th 1997. Joost is a Dutch musician, writer, and former YouTube star. The types of music that are typically Joost Klein are pop and happy hardcore. Joost is known for songs, like: Scandinavian Boy, Wachtmuziek, Ome Robert, and Friesenjung, but he also released several albums, like: M van Marketing, Albino, and 1983. Joost has had multiple singles in Dutch and German-language countries, and even a number 1 hit song in this part of the world.

When will the Netherlands perform in Eurovision 2024?

The Netherlands will perform in the second half of the second Semi-final on May 9th 2024.


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