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Netherlands 2024: Anouk wanted to compete again

Recently it became known that Dutch singer, Anouk, wanted to return to the contest in 2024. Anouk competed in the contest of 2013 for the Netherlands, and is seen as the artist that made the Netherlands believe in Eurovision again, after not being able to reach the Grand Final since 2004. This singer took the stage after an internal selection with the song “Birds”, and ended in 6th position (of 16) in Semi-final 1, and eventually 9th position (of 26) in the Grand Final of 2013.

Source: Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

Why Anouk wanted to return in 2024?

The reason why Anouk wanted to return to the contest in 2024 is because on November 3rd 2023, Anouk releases a new album, called “Deena & Jim”. On this album there is what Anouk calls a “killer song” that would probably do well in the contest. This also happened in 2012 when Anouk heard a killer song on her then current album “Sad Sing-Along Songs”, which was “Birds”, with which she came in 9th (of 26) in the 2013 Eurovision Grand Final.

Why the Dutch selection commission opts for another solution?

The reason why the Dutch selection commission opts for another solution is because the submission window was already open when Anouk proposed choosing her internally, which would not be fair for the artists that already sent in a song to compete in the internal selection. Next to this, it would jeopardize the believability of the selection commission, especially after the backlash the internal choice for Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper for the 2023 contest has gotten in the Netherlands. Another thing was that Anouk could not push back her album release, since it is followed by a series of sold-outconcerts. All and all, it would become very difficult to choose Anouk to fly the Dutch flag again.

Anouk was very sportive about her not being the one that competes in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. She stated that she understands and that there are no hard feelings whatsoever.


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