NaviBand to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2017

The Belarusian final has just finished revealing us the name of the act that will represent the country in Kyiv. NaviBand has got the support of both, jury and audience, so they will represent Belarus at this year’s Eurovision with the song “Historyja majho žyccia”.

A total of 10 acts have competed at today’s show:

  1. July – Children Of The World
  2. Lexy Weaver – Be Stronger
  3. Vladislav Kurasov – Follow The Play
  4. NaviBand – Historyja majho žyccia
  5. Isaac Nightingale – On The Red Line
  6. Kattie – Wild Wind
  7. Nuteki – Take My Heart
  8. NAPOLI – Let’s Come Together
  9. Nikita Hodas – Voices In My Head
  10. Angelica Pushnova – We Should Be Together
  11. Anastaysiya Sheverenko – We’ll Be Together
  12. Lermont x Julic – Heartbeat
  13. PROvokatsiya – #MyLove

The winner has been selected by a 50-50 mix of profesional jury panel, made up of Valeriy Dayneko, Olga Salamakha, Yelena Treschinskaya, Aleksandr Kapenkin, Vladimir Bogdan, Lyudmila Kuts and Inna Mardusevich, and public vote during a show hosted by TEO and Olga Ryzhikova.

Some special guests, Teo, Uzari and IVAN, have performed during the show which has featured shoots and impressions from the backstage for the first time in Belarus. The audience was able to see the candidates preparing to go on stage and waiting for the results from the Green Room.

What do you think about the Belarusian choice? Do you think they will be back to the final after two years? Let us know below!

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