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Meet Systur, Iceland representatives in Eurovision 2022

This year Iceland has chosen Systur as its representatives on Eurovision 2022 that will take place in Turin next May with with the song the song “Með Hækkandi Sól”. But who are Systur? In this article you will have the opportunity to know more about Iceland’s band for Eurovision 2022.

About Systur

Systur (Sisters), is an Icelandic musical group formed in 2011 by sisters Sigríður (“Sigga”), Elísabet (“Beta”) and Elín Eyþórsdóttir. From a musical family, they are the daughters of singer Ellen Kristjánsdóttir and pianist Eyþór Gunnarsson, as well as nieces of Kristján Kristjánsson, better known as KK, a renowned Icelandic blues and folk singer.

Growing up together, the sisters listened to many of their father’s jazz records at home, from which they have drawn much of the influences for their songs and their passion for music. The sisters, who began singing and playing as children, have their own musical careers on the side, as well as performing together as a trio.

They began singing together in 2009, united by their love of blues and soul music. However, it wasn’t until 2013 when they joined their respective solo careers and began working professionally as a group, in collaboration with producer DJ Oculus.

It was then that their first song Ain’t Got Nobody was released, which soon went to number one in Iceland and became an electronic music hit in the country. This single was followed by Restless in 2014, together with singer Unsteinn Manuel, which they later released solo in 2018.

It would be followed by Do It Good the following year, and Mystified in 2017. In 2014, they also collaborated with Danish DJ Kasper Bjørke on the track Apart and, three years later, with American Hercules & Love Affair on Running. They have performed at several European festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, Sónar in Barcelona and Glastonbury in 2016.


Öldurót í hljóðri sál
Þrautin þung umvafin sorgarsárum
Þrá sem laðar, brennur sem bál
Liggur í leyni – leyndarmál – þei þei

Í ljósaskiptum fær að sjá
Fegurð í frelsi sem þokast nær
Þó næturhúmið skelli á
Og ósögð orð, hugan þjá – þei þei

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný

Skammdegisskuggar sækja að
Bærast létt með hverjum andardrættir
Syngur í brjósti lítið lag
Breiðir úr sér og andvarpar – þei þei

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný
Og hún tekst á flug
Svífur að hæstu hæðum
Og færist nær því
Að finna innri ró

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný

Iceland in Eurovision

Iceland is famous for its hot springs, geysers and volcanoes. The majority of the population live in the capital Reykjavik. Iceland joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986.

Iceland made its Eurovision debut in 1986 and has yet to win the contest. In 1999, Selma finished second with her song All Out Of Luck and ten years later 2009, Yohanna equalled this success with her ballad Is It True?

Iceland boasts strong viewing figures for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2016, the country delivered the largest viewing share of all 42 participating countries with 95.3% of those watching TV in the country watching the Grand Final.


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