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Meet Marius Bear, Switzerland representative in Eurovision 2022

This year Switzerland has chosen Marius Bear as its representative on Eurovision 2022 that will take place in Turin this month with the song “Boys Do Cry”. But who is Marius Bear? In this article you will have the opportunity to know more about Switzerland’s singer for Eurovision 2022.

About Marius Bear

Marius Hügli, better known as Marius Bear, was born on 21 April 1993 in the Swiss town of Appenzell. His experience as a street artist opened the door to a professional career, after participating in various festivals in his home country and in the United States, as well as studying Music Production at the prestigious BIMM institute in London, UK.

In 2018 he independently released his first EP, Sanity, which brought him into the critics spotlight and the following year he won the Swiss Music Award, the Swiss music industry’s most important award for music. Also in 2019 he released his first studio album, Not Loud Enough, and his single “My Crown” was relatively successful not only in Switzerland but also in Germany.

Marius’ biggest commercial success so far, however, was his cover of Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”, which he performed on the TV show “I Can See Your Voice” and reached the top 10 in the Swiss charts.

On 8 March, the SRF officially announced that Marius had won the internal selection process involving more than 100 popular and professional jurors and would therefore be the confederation’s standard bearer in Turin with the song “Boys Do Cry”, composed by Canadian musician Martin Gallop and Marius himself who, when asked about the song’s message said:

“Since I was a little boy I learned not to be ashamed of my emotions. As a man, I’m not afraid to cry or to bare my weaknesses in front of the public. I don’t want to wear an emotional armour, I want to be who I really am. And I want to encourage the audience to do the same”.


In my room lives a boy who could be blue
And you might never know, oh-oh
You think he’s cavalier
He would shed more than a crocodile tear
If you’d go, oh oh

Hearts they get broken
God only knows why
And sometimes aeroplanes fall down from the sky
And mountains they crumble
And rivers, they run dry
And oh-oh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Boys do cry

When night falls and the moon is all we see
Don’t fear the wolf that lives in me, oh-oh
You think he’s tough enough
He would cry love ‘til the sun comes up
If you go, oh

Hearts, they get broken
God only knows why
And somеtimes aeroplanes fall down from thе sky
And mountains they crumble
And rivers, they run dry
And oh-oh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Boys do cry
And how they cry

Mountains they crumble
And rivers, they run dry
And oh-oh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Boys do cry

Switzerland in Eurovision

Switzerland has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1956, winning the very first edition of the competition. The country has only missed the contest in 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2003 due to poor results in previous years, which according to the rules at the time, meant relegation from the Contest.

Switzerland hosted the very first Eurovision Song Contest and they also won it. Each country entered 2 songs in that debut year. Each entry could be sung by the same or different performers. Lys Assia sang both Swiss songs, the first one was in German, Das Alte Karussell, and the second one in French, Refrain. After some deliberations by the juries, Refrain was declared the winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest in Lugano! Lys Assia, went on to represent Switzerland again in both 1957 and 1958 and more recently entered the national selection for the 2012 contest.

Switzerland won the Eurovision Song Contest again in 1988 with Celine Dion’s Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi. Mostly unknown in Europe at that time, Céline gave an outstanding rendition of the song and, after a cliffhanger voting sequence, she won the Contest for Switzerland, just one point ahead of the United Kingdom. Céline went on to become one of the biggest female artists in the world.


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